How To Work With A Delonghi Coffee Maker

By | March 6, 2015

A Delonghi Coffee Maker

delonghi coffee machines features

Delonghi is the company which has grown manifold since the time of its inception. Even since it was started as a small industrial parts manufacturing workshop in Treviso Italy in 1902 its strong commitment to achieve excellence has resulted in tremendous growth and success.

De Longhi Group or De’ Longhi S.p.A which is now called was a fully developed company in 1950 and a major European small appliance manufacturer till date. Initially manufacturing portable heaters and air conditioners, the company widened its scope by taking up the task of producing nearly every category of small domestic appliance in food preparation and cooking. The household cleaning and ironing segments were also included.

Each product manufactured speaks volume of the hard work and perseverance that produced well crafted Italian designs and a well technically accomplished product. Of all the products of De Longhi the Artista Series Espresso Machines is very popular.

Delonghi has taken special care of the Coffee connoisseurs with wide and extensive range of coffee makers right from small coffee makers like percolators to fully automatic espresso machine under their banner. They are credited of being the producer of best and durable coffee machines giving superior coffee taste that captures the authentic Italian experience.
Delonghi manufactures cordless percolators with convenient to use features.

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If you are looking for some valuable information on how to work with a Delonghi coffee maker, you have come to the right place. Delonghi, as they claim, is truly a “Living Innovation” company. If want a coffee maker that could fit your lifestyle – the Delonghi coffee maker becomes the perfect choice for you.

Delonghi Coffee Features

The coffee features are not only known for brewing terrific coffee, but they are also very easy to use. These machines are user friendly and their maintenance is easy. You can easily clean the same after use. What’s more, these coffee makers are also stylish. These products are available in a wide array of styles. For example, you can choose from cappuccino, percolated, espresso, drip, and a variety of other styles.

How It Works

Since Delonghi coffee maker is very easy to use, you will not have much difficulty in understanding its working process. For example, a double boiler system is used Delonghi cappuccino makers – one for the espresso and other for steam. Because of this ultimate feature, you just have to press a single button, and your Cappuccino will be ready within a couple of seconds. Once you understand how to work with a Delonghi coffee maker, you can use these models with coffee beans or ground coffee. The product is capable to prepare the richest, creamiest froth by producing the perfect mix of milk, air, and steam.

Other Methods

There are several other models as well that come with Delonghi special aroma button. These coffee maker models make the best choice for those who want a more full-bodied coffee flavor with a richer aroma. Delonghi also offers a 14-Cup Coffee Maker that has a capacity of 70-ounce. It also comes with 24-hour programmable feature. That means you can have freshly brewed coffee at any time. Its “shower head” design is another great feature, as it ensures the extraction of the full body and flavor of the coffee beans. If you know how to work with a Delonghi coffee maker, you can also take advantage of the pause-and-serve feature. Browse the site and know more.

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DeLonghi Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System

delonghi silver lattissima plus nespresso capsule system
One-touch with the convenience of Nespresso capsules and automatic frothing

Our Review

Are you looking for something to make your Monday mornings more tolerable? The DeLonghi Lattissima Plus is a capsule-based espresso maker that takes Nespresso coffee pods or fresh coffee grounds. You can enjoy creamy layers of foam thanks to the single touch hot milk system, and the illuminated panel makes navigating the machine easy.

With plenty of features and an all-around easy operation, you can enjoy coffeehouse espressos in a matter of minutes from your kitchen.

Priced below $400, the DeLonghi Lattissima Plus will fit most budgets. The Nespresso capsules come in a variety of flavors and typically cost about $0.55 each.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 6.6 x 10.2 inches; 9 pounds
  • Color: Stainless steel, red, blue or white
  • Features: Single touch hot milk system, clean button, illuminated control panel, energy-saving, auto-off timer, sliding drip tray, self-priming operation

What are the Pros?

delonghi silver lattissima plus nespresso capsule system

The DeLonghi Lattissima Plus is a unique system that delivers high-quality cappuccinos and espressos at the touch of a button. People rave about this machine because of its simplicity; add either fresh coffee grounds or a convenient coffee pod and you’re specialty beverage will be up in a matter of minutes. There is a milk container that slides to the front of the machine and is detachable so you can place it in the refrigerator. And, the purchase comes with an exclusive Welcome Kit that includes the Nespresso coffee pods.

Because the Lattissima Plus takes coffee pods, you can make virtually everything from this machine, including teas and hot chocolate. The pods, although expensive, are very good and always get rave reviews from consumers. When operating the machine, there is no mess, no measuring and no fussing. There is real, fresh milk on the tops of the beverages, and the machine has a quiet operation and easy cleanup. The clean button does virtually everything for you, and the parts are dishwasher safe.

What are the Cons?

delonghi silver lattissima plus nespresso capsule system

It may be hard to believe that there are cons to this machine, but there are a few things to consider. First, the water container is on the small side, so you will have to refill it often when you’re using the water for coffee and milk steaming. The coffee also isn’t as hot as what manual machines can make, but you won’t have as much control over your options. Of course, this is the beauty of the machine; nothing to fuss over, nothing to waste.

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Another drawback is the cost of the coffee pods. You can use fresh coffee grinds with this machine, but in order to get the delicious cappuccinos and espressos, you’ll need the pods. Even though the machine is cheaper on the front end than others, purchasing the coffee pods is a continued investment. Finally, there is some maintenance to this product, and if you intend to care for it as you should, the required steps may prevent you from using the Lattissima Plus in an office setting. Not only do you have to run the cleaning cycles, but also the Rapid Cappuccino System needs to be taken apart and placed in the dishwasher twice a week.

How Does it Compare to Other DeLonghi Espresso Makers?

A less expensive option is the DeLonghi BAR32 Retro 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker. This machine is much smaller, but does take both coffee grinds and coffee pods. It’s also very easy to operate, with everything being brewed from the touch of a button. It boasts 15-bars of pressure and has a cup warmer, but the main difference is that it lacks in features compared to the Lattissima. The Lattissima Plus has an automatic shut-off, Energy Save mode and illuminated controls. It also has the milk frother that delivers creamy foam.

The DeLonghi Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Machine is a more expensive pick, but you get your money’s worth. This machine is super-automatic compared to the capsule-based system of the Lattissima Plus. Therefore, you can enjoy more control over your beverages by pouring in the beans and choosing the grind. If you want this type of customization, you’ll enjoy the Magnifica. It includes a burr grinder, bean container, thermostat and de-scaling programs. However, you won’t get the convenience of a capsule machine.

Final Verdict

delonghi silver lattissima plus nespresso capsule system

The DeLonghi Lattissima Plus is a brilliant machine that combines high-quality espressos with convenience. Just drop in a pod and go, or you can experiment with fresh coffee grounds. Since the machine uses real milk, you get the creamy, frothy layers of foam on top of your drinks, something that lacks on other machines. And, there are plenty of practical features such as an auto shut-off and cleaning programs. Even though you won’t be tamping, grinding and brewing with this machine, it’s a great pick for both espresso novices and experts because of the end result.

List Price

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You Save $250.04 (45%)

Average Customer Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars

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The Saeco Syntia Stainless Steel Automatic Espresso Machine is a surefire way to perk up your mornings.Our Review.
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