if you like coffee

By | February 23, 2014

If You Like Coffee

if you like coffee

if you like coffee



Why go to a cafe when you can have creamy, frothy Nespresso Cappuccino in your own home? After all who says you need to be inconvenienced? Nespresso Cappuccino is the easy way to enjoy a quality cappuccino at home.

There are three general cappuccino types. The standard or traditional mixture is about 1 cm of frothy hot milk on the top of espresso. The chiaro cappuccino is simply adding more milk than normal for a cappuccino light. For a strong taste of espresso add less milk for a cappuccino scuro or dry cappuccino. Anyway you love this tasty treat the Nespresso Cappuccino system achieves your desires. Under Cabinet Coffee Maker

All you need:
• Porcelain cup
• Single-serve automatic Nespresso espresso machine
• Desired coffee to suit your mood
• Automatic milk frother and desired milk
There you have it! Convenience, no mess and custom to you. The Nespresso Cappuccino coffee experience is on your side!
Nespresso Essenza Espresso Machines, Bellissimo!
The Nespresso Essenza espresso machine by Nestle is certain to provide a sure-to-please cup of espresso right at home. With several models of the Essenza, available one is sure to find a machine that meets their needs.

if you like coffee

if you like coffee

The Nespresso Essenza C100T is a single-serve automatic espresso machine. This 1200-watt espresso machine in titan grey is easy to use, has a backlit control button, programmable brew amounts, and a removable 34 oz water tank. This great machine has a maximum of 19bars pump pressure and uses disposable coffee capsules to brew one a perfect cup of espresso.

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The Nespresso Essenza model C101 has many of the same features as the machine mentioned above, but also has a built in Aeroccino Milk Frother that allows one to add layer rich frothed milk to that special espresso drink. This beautiful, black Nespresso model has a 30 oz removable water tank and brews a 1.3 oz serving of espresso and a 3.7 oz serving of Lungo and also uses the Nespresso coffee capsule.

The Nespresso C100-US-Aero-B with the Aeroccino Milk Frother offers a 41 oz water tank, automatic programmable coffee quantity selector, and a one-touch milk frother along with the many other features, as mentioned in the above descriptions.

These are only three of the fine espresso machines offered by Nestle in the Nespresso Essenza line. All of these fine machines use a unique extraction system as well as the Thermo Block heating system that heats the water to the perfect extraction temperature.

The Nespresso coffee capsules that are specially designed to help create a perfect espresso drink are widely available in both caffeinated and decaffeinated and come in a variety of flavors like, Very Roasted, Fruity, Cocoa, Spicy and many other delicious flavors. Buy a Nespresso Espresso Machine and begin enjoying a perfect cup of Nespresso Cappuccino, right in your home, today.

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