instructions for keurig b31

By | January 23, 2016

Keurig B31 Instructions

instructions for keurig b31
Before your first brew, do a cleansing run. To do this, follow normal brewing steps below, skipping step 8+9!

1. Plug in the brewer; if the electric socket is overloaded the brewer might not function properly, so it should be plugged in separate from other appliances.

2. Press the power button on the front of the brewer.

3. You should see a blue LED flash; this is the “Add water” indicator. To open, lift the cold water reservoir.

4. Fill the cold water reservoir to your desired fill level with filtered or bottled water. (Reverse osmosis water or distilled water is NOT recommended.)

Top Tip:
The Brewer Handle Indicator will flash blue when the minimum water level of 6 oz. is reached.

5. Close the lid of the cold water reservoir.

6. Place a mug on the drip plate.

There are two SHARP needles that are used to puncture the K-Cup. The one is above the K-Cup holder, and the other in the bottom of the K-Cup holder. PLEASE, I don’t want you to injure yourself, so PLEASE DO NOT put your fingers in the K-Cup Assembly Holding!

7. Lift the brewer handle to open. Water will exit the Cold Water Reservoir and then flow into the brewer.

Skip step 8 & 9 for the initial cleansing process.

8. Choose a K-Cup that you would like to use. (Never puncture the K-Cup or remove the foil lid.)

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9. Place the K-Cup into the K-Cup holder assembly. Now, just ensure that all the water has left the Cold Water Reservoir and drained into the Brewer before proceeding to step 10.

There is very hot water in the Brewer during the brewing process, and I don’t want injuries, so DO NOT lift the Brewer Handle or open the K-Cup Assembly Housing during the brewing process.

10. To close, lower the handle completely and firmly. The BREW button will flash blue.

11. Press the BREW button. It will then flash red while the water is heating and turn solid red, when the brewing process begins. (The brewing process will complete in approx. 2 mins.)

12. If this was your initial cleansing brew, go to step 2. to brew your first drink.

13. Enjoy your drink!!!

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