Jura Capresso Impressa S9

By | December 10, 2014

The Impressive Jura Capresso Impressa S9 Espresso Machine

jura capresso impressa s9 espresso machine
When I first saw a Jura Capresso Impressa S9 Espresso Machine what immediately came to mind was “will this transform into robot or something?” OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I was simply awed by the machine’s cutting edge design that I can’t help but remember how ordinary machines transform into rampaging robots in the first Transformers movie.

Fortunately, what the Impressa S9 transformed was my empty cup to a hot cup of perfect cappuccino. It is indeed undisputed that the Jura Impressa S9 is one of the most advanced and versatile models of fully automatic espresso machines Jura has made so far. Let’s see what makes this piece of machine one of the best in the market today.

One Touch Design:

One of the more prominent features of the Jura S9 is the a la carte button. The one touch design allows a barista to create the desired cup size and coffee strength just before brewing. One can choose between 0.5 and 16 oz. of cup size. With the S9, one is capable to choose from 5 coffee strength settings.

Other beverage settings include 2 single-cup buttons, 2 double-cup buttons, 1 single cup a la carte, 1 one touch cappuccino and 1 one touch latte macchiato. There’s also an additional 1 hot water /milk dial for added convenience.

A Quiet Machine:

It also features a low-noise design making the S9 a very quiet machine by industry standards. Even when grinding or brewing, the Impressa S9 is above the rest in terms of noise levels.

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Jura also added an automatic indicator which reminds the barista to refill the bean container once is falls under a certain level. But the Impressa S9 can only remind you of the beans in its container. Now you just have to remember to replenish your own individual coffee bean stocks in the pantry and you’ll be right.

The S9?s one touch ability to create a perfect cappuccino or latte relies on two independent stainless steel heating systems for coffee preparation and steam production. The two heating systems allow the machine to brew coffee and froth milk with little or no downtime.

Sophisticated Look:

The S9 has a dual-tone finish. The multi-coated platinum metallic housing gives it that sophisticated look. Measuring 13.75? x 14.5? x 15? and weighing a mere 27 lbs, the S9 can fit perfectly on a table top counter.

Other features include adjustable dual coffee spouts, short and long nozzles for all cup sizes, large brewing chamber which can hold between 5 and 16 grams of ground coffee, a large 96oz. (2.8 L) removable water container, a 10 oz (280 g) bean container which can make 25 coffees and the unique CLEARYL water care system.

Worth The Money:

With all these features, who can say that the Jura Capresso Impressa S9 espresso machine is lacking in features? The price tag is a little on the costly side, but the Impressa S9 can be used in a commercial setup aside from your home or office. If you intend to have a small business, the S9 will also be a good investment.

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