keurig coffee maker problems

By | July 5, 2014

Got a Problems on B70 Keurig Coffee Maker

keurig coffee maker problems

keurig coffee maker problems

Nobody product or devices in this world that is perfect, even on B70 Keurig platinum coffee maker still got a problems. I searching through internet and got some problems like the comments bellow:

Following attempting to brew my repair to the early morning, my device made the decision to shut down and absolutely nothing was taking place. Turned the energy on fifty percent a dozen instances, and nonetheless absolutely nothing 🙁 Oh dear.. exactly where is the fact that wretched kettle deleted from my cooking area benchtop a bit more than a calendar year back??? And wouldnt you realize it, the guarantee is completed in April.
So, I’ve study the feedback beneath, and figured my device was heading for greater locations.
Then I study the keurig internet site and made the decision to present the device the previous white vinegar descale only for secure measure.. didnt genuinely need to discard some thing that nonetheless appears wonderful, and walla!! It labored.
I cleaned the suggestion of your needle inside the brewing region with vinegar and toothbrush. Place a needle in to the opening and moved about just a little.
Then poured two cups of vinegar in to the device. Permit it sit for 10mins or so.. and attempted the entire energy on and brew program.. YEH!! No new coffee maker for me currently.. really worth a attempt ahead of you get. 🙂

That is appropriate. I study on a further internet site of all of the problems on persons had been getting with their Keurig coffee maker B70. Turns out, it absolutely was exactly the same difficulty we had been getting. 50 percent cups, device turning off, and so on and so on. A lot of individuals wrote in feedback and stated to get the resevoir off, flip it more than in the sink and spank the bottom in the device various occasions. I did, and it functions like new.

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Keurig Coffee Maker B70 Platinum Problems

keurig coffee maker problems

keurig coffee maker problems

On the other hand, once the coffee does not movement, aggravation can mount and remedies should be identified. The B70 Platinum coffee maker from Keurig brews solitary cups of coffee by operating very hot water via the proprietary K-cup.

Some Solutions if Your Keurig Coffee Maker B70 got a Problems


If the coffee just will not occur, often the easiest solution may be the 1 that is disregarded. The B70?s energy change is around the again of your device around the right-hand facet. When the device was bumped or moved towards the wall, the change may perhaps happen to be turned off. Also, double-check the energy in the outlet along with the circuit breaker inside your residence. For those who do not see “Ready to Brew” shown around the display, you will not get any coffee. The Platinum brewer also has an automated timer to swap off the device. Press the “Menu” button then press the down button until eventually you see “Auto Off” then press the “Menu” button 2 times to system the characteristic. Press the blue button around the left to routine by way of the hrs till “Off” seems. Press “Menu” 5 instances to exit the “Auto Off” set up and conserve the setting.


When inserting the K-cup in to the holder, a few factors could go incorrect. Initially, the deal with wants to become totally pushed down for your technique to engage. In case your B70 is not brewing, 1st verify which the deal with can transfer all of the way down. Following, appear to find out if you will discover any blockages inside the needles that pierce the K-cup and enable water by way of. Open up the lid to the K-cup holder then lift out the funnel exactly where the K-cup sits. Do not place your hand within the funnel; there is a needle within. Drive a straight pin up by means of the needle hole in the bottom to dislodge something that may be caught. You could operate the funnel by way of the dishwasher to end cleansing it.

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The show display may perhaps let you know what is happening using the Platinum brewer. In the event the blue light is flashing, then the water reservoir wants to become stuffed. Also, when the LCD display demonstrates the phrases “Add Water,” the device wants much more water to brew the following cup of coffee — even when there is some water within the reservoir there could not be adequate to get a complete cup of coffee. If there’s a buildup of challenging water deposits, the device will show that it wants to become de-scaled by exhibiting “De-Scale” around the display. Fill the water reservoir with white vinegar and brew all of the vinegar by way of the B70 without having a K-cup in location. Dump the vinegar in to the sink. Depart the Keurig brewer to sit 4 hrs then fill the reservoir with water and brew via the water without having a K-cup in location.


Water flavor or contamination inside the water reservoir could impact the style of one’s coffee. The reservoir is detachable and dishwasher secure. Acquire it out and completely clear and rinse it both by hand or within the dishwasher. When the style continues to become poor, use filtered or bottled water to eradicate chemical substances in the municipal water provide.

Keurig B70 Operation and Repair video:

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