keurig coffee maker pros and cons

By | January 26, 2016

Keurig Coffee Maker: Pros vs. Cons

The Keurig coffee maker is the result of two engineers who were tired of drinking bad office coffee. They teamed up with Green Mountain Coffee to create the Keurig brewing system and K-Cup technology. Here are some great deals on AMAZON for Keurig Single Cup Coffee Makers:

Keurig Advantages over Pod Brewers:

  • Keurig brewers are the most flexible because you can use K-Cups, the My K-Cup (use your own coffee), and Pods (with the Pod-Holster) and T-Sacs (with your own coffee). See below illustration.
  • Programmable (except Keurig B40) – None of the present pod brewers or the Tassimo system are programmable
  • You can choose your brewing temperature (except on Keurig B40) from 187-192 degrees Fahrenheit.

Retail price range for Keurig brewers: $120-$199; The Breville Keurig Single Cup Brewer Breville Single Cup Gourmet Coffee Maker is basically a high-end Keurig brewer with all the bells and whistles: stainless steel, charcoal filter, integrated My K-Cup storage compartment and more. It retails for $299.)
K-Cup cost/cup: 55¢ Direct from Keurig or Green Mountain, but you can often find deals on Amazon and EBay that can bring the price closer to 45¢/cup or lower. You can also get discounts buy purchasing multiple packs at Keurig or by joining Green Mountain’s Cafe Express club.

keurig coffee maker pros and cons
What are K-Cups?

K-Cups are sealed plastic containers made for Keurig and Breville brewers. Two small Keurig K-Cups l needles puncture the top and bottom of the cup when inserted into the brewer.

K-Cup Pros

  • Nitrogen-flushed, sealed for freshness, and impermeable to oxygen, moisture and light for longer lasting, fresh coffee aroma and taste
  • Coffee manufactures must get permission and a license from Keurig to put their coffee in a K-Cup resulting in better quality control of the coffee
  • Easy to use, easy clean-up
  • Over 130 varieties including coffee, tea and cocoas; additional choices when using the My K-Cup and Perfect Pod Holster. Varieties are growing as more coffee producers join.

K-Cup Cons

  • Compared to pods, K-Cups are more expensive; up to 55¢/cup, but less expensive than T-Discs.
  • Presently no K-Cups varieties that make frothy lattes and cappuccinos like the pod brewers and Tassimo T-Discs
  • Can only purchase online or at a limited number of retail stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond and Linens & Things
  • Produces more waste than a pod due to plastic housing (although Keurig is currently working on a recyclable product)

Keurig has several models to choose from with variations in reservoir storage, programmability, brew sizes and Quiet Brew™ Technology (B70 only).
In addition, you can read our review of the Keurig B70 here.

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