keurig coffee maker reviews

By | April 14, 2013

keurig coffee maker reviews

keurig coffee maker reviews– The life of people in this modern world will have certain value which will be followed by many people. This value can be totally different from the ancient one but we can assure that people will follow it seriously. The most important value for many modern people these days is money. Money is really necessary since they cannot eat if they do not have money. The basic need for getting money makes people try their best of doing the job which can give them money and nowadays people can find many kinds of job which becomes part of human being hard work.

People will go to the office almost every day for doing the job which can be their source of money. They need to work hard of course but it does not mean that they do not need support since they are still human being who can be tired very easily. With the job circumstance which can be very busy, coffee is a must support so applying coffee maker such as keurig b145 is a must for supporting the whole employees work.

keurig coffee maker reviews

keurig coffee maker reviews

keurig b145 reviews


keurig b145 People cannot just take any coffee maker for office need because there are some employees who will need support from coffee during their working time. Coffee maker of keurig b145 is perfect because it is kauri brewer and it is completed with 18 count K cups. The water reservoir can afford 48 ounces.

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Keurig B145 Customer Review

You can read some of Keurig B145 review below. They are real customer from who purchase this coffee makers.

not perfect but a good choice By D. Stoddard

The pro’s:

1. Quick cup a joe. Effecient way not to waste coffee by making too much.
2. Easy videos on showing easy way to reuse k-cups for use with your own brand coffee beans.
3. Looks nice.
4. Commercial grade.
5. Not that noisy at all.
6. Great tasting coffee, maybe a little weak on 10 oz size.

The con’s:

1. Warming up machine in morning takes a few minutes…so there is some waiting for that first cup, but fast after that.
2. Water resivore is a little small. But suffices.
3. Having a supply of premade or resused k-cups is necessary for no hassle joe.
4. The coffee serving sizes is not large enough. Takes two k-cups to fill my travel mug. 10 oz is largest size and barely fills reg coffee cup. Why would anyone use smaller size unless for coffee boldness.
5. The other coffee makers had temperature control, this model does not. Has hot only, but I like my coffee hotter.
6. Wife uses old coffee pot starbux barnista instead. She hasn’t bought into the new coffee maker yet.

While I think this is a great way to make coffee, it isn’t going to replace the traditional coffee pot. I think those with more wealth will opt for this method and pay the price for convienence, while those who are more practicle will resist the urge for change. I believe the internal workings on this commercial pot is quality, but the resivore is made of a little bit flimsy plastic. I will give it 5 stars because it does what I expected and was problem free.

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There are many people who will use this coffee make at the office so it is better for assuring that it can perform energy saving by automatic on off system. The work at the office will not be disturbed by making coffee excuse since the coffee will be served less than one minute. So, for the best coffee maker which can support the whole employee’s spirit at the office, keurig b145 must be perfect option.

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