keurig k cups pros and cons

By | January 5, 2014

keurig k cups pros and cons

Is The Keurig System Right For You?
Keurig is a derivation from a Dutch word for excellence and the Keurig system promises to deliver an excellent cup of coffee. The Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System is a personal brewer and was created to serve single cups of coffee or tea in a brewing cycle.

keurig mini plus brewing system

keurig mini plus brewing system

Price: $99.99

If you are the only coffee drinker in the family, it only makes sense to use this model as it reduces wastage. No longer will you need to brew a whole pot only to throw out the unwanted balance. A cup of coffee is brewed in under 2 minutes but if you have a dinner party it will take a longer period of time to brew several cups of coffee for your guests. Other models with bigger water reservoirs and different brew sizes would probably be more suitable.

keurig mini plus brewing system

keurig mini plus brewing system

keurig mini plus brewing system

Freshness is also preserved by making single cups and it is an enriching experience to choose from the K-Cup varieties. Whether you are in the mood for coffee, tea or hot chocolate there is always a right flavor to choose from.

When you are traveling, it is very convenient to bring it along to enjoy great tasting gourmet coffee. In work related environments like small offices or trade shows, this brewer fits nicely and offers perfect brews anytime you want.

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As with the other Keurig Brewing Systems, you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning up. The plastic K-Cups are disposable after usage. Should you find this wasteful and not environmentally friendly, you can brew your own gourmet coffee by using a special filter.

If You Encounter Problems With Your Brewer, Here Are Some Troubleshooting Solutions ……

Despite the convenience and wonderful coffee that is produced, what are the problems associated with the Keurig Brewer? Here are some complaints made by users that every potential buyer should be aware of.

Like many other mechanical appliances, regular maintenance is an important factor to ensure that your Keurig brewer produces the results that you desire.

Blocked Water Lines. It is not uncommon to hear reports that water leaks from the reservoir or that only a partial cup of coffee is brewed by the machine. This is usually caused by blocked water lines which prevent water flowing through the system. If these problems arise, you need to clean your brewer by running water through several times to completely flush out the obstacles.

Unwanted Coffee Grounds in Coffee. The exit needle that punctures the K-Cups accumulates grounds so it is important to clean around the needle to fix this problem.

Descaling Issues. Calcium mineral can build up in your brewer after some time and this affects the taste of the coffee as well as the efficiency of your machine. However your machine will let you know when to descale and this usually happens every 6 months. To descale your brewer, all you need to do is use vinegar or Brew Rite Cleaner and run it through the system. You should continue to run water through for a more thorough cleansing. In order to avoid mineral build up, some users prefer to use bottled water when making their coffee.

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why buy a keurig coffee maker
Incorrect Water Proportions. There are some users who are frustrated when their coffee mug overflows or they get an insufficient brew. A simple solution is to fill your coffee mug with water to the level that you want and then pour the water into the reservoir.

Machine Turns Off Between Brews. When your machine does not behave as it should and switches off when it is not expected to, you should try to correct it by lifting the water reservoir out and putting it back into position. Due to vibrations caused by the brewing process it is possible that the magnet that is fixed to the water reservoir has moved from its secure position.
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