krups espresso maker

By | June 25, 2013

krups espresso maker

krups espresso maker

krups espresso maker

Krups XP5220 Review
The Krups XP5220 espresso machine is good for what it can do, which is brew decent espresso. Unfortunately, there are too many problems with the way that the machine is built to make it a good choice for long term use.


The taste of the espresso is good. Not great, but good. While you don’t have a lot of options with how you want to brew the shot, you will still get a good espresso each time you use the machine.

Again, this machine is very easy to use, as there are only a few settings and techniques that really need mastering in order to make an espresso.

The build quality is the big issue here. There are more faults with this machine due to it’s build quality than anything else, which is the main reason that we can’t give it even a full review.


In general, the machine does not perform it’s job for as long as it should, and has a fairly high failure rate at around the 12 month mark. This is extremely troubling as even a good machine can be destroyed by shoddy long-term performance.

Sitting in the middle of the consumer region in terms of price, there are plenty of options at or around this price range that offer reasonable espresso and will last for far longer.

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The steam wand on this machine is it’s main accessory, but unfortunately it suffers from the same lack of quality construction as the rest of the machine. Given that steam wands are susceptible to high heat and pressure, you would expect that they would have a fairly high tolerance level for damage, but in this case that is simply not true.

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We came into reviewing the Krups XP5220 wanting to love it. It’s simple, good looking, and brews a good espresso, especially for it’s price range. That being said, it’s build quality is downright disastrous, and for the amount of money you’re spending it just isn’t worth it.
If you are spending slightly above your budget, then you should forget about it and buy something a bit cheaper. If you’re trading down in the hopes that you’ll get a good budget machine, it’s far more worth it to buy a machine that is slightly more expensive than this and get a much higher quality machine.
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