la pavoni napolitana espresso machine

By | October 15, 2014

la pavoni napolitana espresso machine

la pavoni napolitana espresso machine

la pavoni napolitana espresso machine

La Pavoni PA-1200 Napolitana Stainless Steel Automatic Espresso Machine

While La Pavoni are best known for their manual lever machines, they also make a whole range of high-quality automatic espresso machines.

Our Review

Just by looking at the La Pavoni PA-1200 Napolitana Stainless Steel Automatic Espresso Maker, you can tell that it’s in a class of its own. With a whopping 16-bars of pump pressure, marine brass boiler and 100-ounce water tank, this machine operates at commercial speed and strength. The machine includes a built-in conical burr grinder and coffee press, allowing you to take your espresso hobby to the next level.

Key Features

The latest addition from the Italian company, La Pavoni, the Napolitana is a name synonymous with perfection. The machine has 16-bars of pump pressure, stainless steel filter baskets, removable drip trays and a large 100-ounce water reservoir. The boiler is made from marine brass, which is the ideal material for temperature stability, and the housing is constructed of the very best 18/8 stainless steel. And unlike other coffee and espresso machines that are simply stainless steel, the Napolitana is polished to a gloss finish for a sleek appearance. These espresso machines also come at a value since they include a conical burr grinder and coffee press that enable you to be your own barista.

The Pros

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The biggest benefit to the Napolitana is its value. It has a moderate price tag and commercial performance as well as the very best parts. What you are paying for is quality because the machine doesn’t include fancy controls, touch screens or LCD displays. Instead, you receive parts made from marine brass and stainless steel unlike other coffee and espresso machines that are made from ABS plastic. While this machine is definitely for those that know what they’re doing, once you understand its quirks, you’ll find that the machine consistently pulls exceptional shots with a nice crema.

The Cons

There have been a handful of negative espresso machine reviews that relate to the performance of the machine, but it’s important to note that the Napolitana takes practice, patience and skill. Even though this is an automatic espresso maker, you can’t just drop in the coffee beans and go. The fineness of the grinds is super important, and the machine is very particular when it comes to the tamping technique used. You also need to leave the right amount of space in the portafilter before you close it. There have also been espresso machine reviews that report that the steamer isn’t powerful enough to produce microfoam and only one boiler is included. The best espresso machines often have two boilers.


When comparing the Napolitana to the Rancilio Silvia, the machine costs slightly more but has better reviews and a few nice additions like a top warming tray, brass portafilter and three-way solenoid valve. It does not come with any type of grinder, however. If you’re interested in espresso machines with lower price tags, consider the Saeco 641 Odea Go Super Automatic Espresso Machine. It has 15-bars of pump pressure, a stainless steel boiler and Pannarello frothing device as well as a ceramic grinder.

la pavoni napolitana espresso machine

la pavoni napolitana espresso machine

Final Verdict

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No one knows coffee quite like the Italians, so the Napolitana has an immediate advantage over some of the best espresso machines. While it is a finicky machine, once you learn the right techniques, you’ll have no problem pulling great shots. If you want a machine that you can experiment with, isn’t overloaded with fancy features and uses high-quality components, the La Pavoni Napolitana will be a great fit.

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