lever espresso machine

By | October 10, 2014

lever espresso machine

lever espresso machine

lever espresso machine

La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso Machine, Chrome
Thanks to its smart lever design, there is less maintenance, less noise and less counter space needed.

Our Review

Bring yourself back to a time where fine Italian espresso machines operated manually with hand levers. The La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso Machine has exquisite taste thanks to its chrome plating and steel construction, and you’ll certainly love showing it off to your friends and family. It’s a good thing too considering that these coffee and espresso machines can whip up simultaneous mugs of espresso and other specialty coffees, making you look like the professional barista you’ve always envisioned.

Key Features

The Europiccola has a steel construction and chrome plating for durability and longevity. These coffee and espresso machines include a tamper, measuring ladle, screen, screen holder and cappuccino attachment. You’ll certainly want to have an understanding of how to measure, grind and tamp before using these espresso machines. Thankfully, the machine comes with an instructional DVD and complete operating instructions to refer to. The Europiccola delivers 1000-watts of power and can make one or two cups of espresso at one time.

lever espresso machine

lever espresso machine

The Pros

Perhaps the biggest advantage to the Europiccola is its unique, old-world design. The majority of espresso machines on the market have a boxy design that takes up more room on the countertop and operates much louder because of the pumps operating inside. With the Europiccola however, the machine is cost-effective because it uses less metal, operates much quieter and looks super cute on any countertop. That’s not to say that the Europiccola isn’t sturdy. In fact, you won’t be moving around this espresso maker often because of its all-steel construction. Even better, the machine operates quietly and efficiently, is very easy to maintain and provides plenty of steam pressure and volume.

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The Cons

It’s hard to believe that these stylish espresso and coffee machines would have any cons, but they do. Like other machines in its class, the Europiccola is not for beginners and not for the impatient. These models account for some of the best espresso machines on the market, but only espresso connoisseurs will be able to appreciate the brilliance of the machine. You must have passion, time and skill to understand the workings of this machine and to get your grind down. Also, the machine lacks a good tamper, and the steam nozzle does not swivel out.


Looking to spend a bit less? Try the handsome Gaggia 11400 Achille Lever-Operated Espresso Machine. It features a stainless steel boiler, chrome-plated brass portafilter and 28-ounce water tank, but the espresso machine reviews are not nearly as consistent as they are with the Europiccola. Since you can always spend more on the best espresso machines, you should also consider the highly regarded La Pavoni Professional. Another lever espresso maker from La Pavoni, this machine also carries 1000-watts of power, stainless steel parts and delivers consistent results.

Final Verdict

The La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola Espresso Machine is a beautiful, timeless espresso maker that will last for years. Thanks to its smart lever design, there is less maintenance, less noise and less counter space needed. Although a work of art, espresso machine reviews remind us that this machine is not for beginners and takes great patience and skill to master its inner workings. If you have this appreciation for espresso making, you’ll enjoy what the Europiccola has to offer.

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Price: $801.68

Get more information on the LaPavoni EPC-8 Espresso Machine from AMAZON.com.

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