making coffee at home

By | May 10, 2018

making coffee at home

making coffee at home

Coffee is a delicious aroma, cheerfulness, joy, a good morning, a good day and even a good evening. For someone it’s a long sleepless working night, a little rest at a gas station during a long journey or a 5-minute break from the hustle and bustle of office trivial round. After all, coffee is a ritual, a habit that has become a part of our life. Sometimes, it seems that without a cup of fragrant natural coffee, the day (life) will lose its significance.

First, let’s find out how to brew coffee at home by means of coffee machine. Modern technologies have opened an access to useful and convenient gadgets for a modern man. Everyone can purchase a coffee machine for the house. Of course, it’s very difficult to choose from all the variety of such appliances. There are so many devices similar in characteristics that it is practically impossible to choose the best one objectively. Let’s imagine that you have already gone through all the stages of torture by choosing and buying a coffee machine, and now it’s up to you to learn how to brew delicious coffee.

Make sure that the cake container is clean. Pour clean drinking water into the water tank. The water level can be seen through the plastic wall of the bunker. Pour coffee beans on top if they are not there. Put a cup under the spout. The machine is now ready for use. Plug the cord into the power outlet; you can now turn on the power button. It is usually located on the back or side. The button for turning on the coffee machine is usually in front of the device. After it is pressed, the coffee machine will be turned on. Noise will testify the successful work commencement. The coffee machine warms up the water and rinses the system with a small amount of water. At this point it is important to leave the coffee machine alone and wait a minute or two. When the coffee machine is silent and all the lights stop blinking, you can start making coffee. After pressing the button (usually with a cup of coffee shown), the process of brewing coffee begins. If necessary, stop the coffee-flow by pressing the same button again.

  1. Brewing the espresso in a coffee machine

Espresso is the most popular coffee drink. To make espresso, you need 8 grams of ground coffee. To improve the taste, compact the coffee in parallel with the floor surface with tempera. Turn on the coffee machine, rinse the cup with boiling water, steam or put it on a heating stand. Turn the lever to the espresso position. After a few seconds, the fragrant espresso will be ready. Enjoy the divine aroma of coffee. You can also make a double espresso; it will take 16 grams of ground coffee.

making coffee at home

  1. How to brew latte in a coffee machine

Latte is the same espresso, only with some milk addition. It’s worth mentioning that there are two varieties of latte – coffee latte and latte macchiato. The difference is covered in the method of curing. The poured coffee within milk is called latte macchiato, if on the contrary pour the milk into the coffee, it will be coffee latte. Macchiato is three-layered and is usually served in a glass goblet.

  1. How to cure cappuccino with a coffee machine

Cappuccino is essentially the same espresso with milk. For cooking, take 150 ml of 4% milk. Turn on the steam supply in the coffee machine; lower the steam pipe into the milk to a depth of 1 cm at an angle of 45 degrees. When the milk is foamed, fill it with a thin trickle of coffee. Your cappuccino is ready.

making coffee at home

Brewing coffee at home without a coffee machine

Fragrant, tasty, and even with milky air froth, coffee will be enjoyed by your guests on any holiday. Such a drink can be served even as a dessert. But, that’s bad luck. If there is a desire to make such a drink, but there is no coffee machine in your kitchen. But, in this case, fantasy and creative approach will help.


Ground coffee – 2 teaspoons

Sugar – 1 teaspoon

Water – 120 ml

Cream liquid or fatty milk – 200 grams

Brewing recipe or how to make coffee with foam at home without a coffee machine

So, first of all we need to cook black coffee. To do this, pour coffee into the cezve and fill it with water. Then put it on an average fire and bring to a boil, but do not boil. Remove cezve from the fire. When the foam settles, put it back on the fire and bring it to a boil again, repeat this operation 3 or 4 times. Ready-made coffee is covered with a lid to insist and fell to the bottom of the sediment. If you are not driving, you can add a couple of tea spoons of brandy to the coffee during the infusion. This will give a special flavor and taste to your cappuccino.

Now there are two ways to prepare milk foam. Milk should be chosen with fat content of at least 2.5%. The ideal option is cream.

The first way: using a mixer

Milk or cream is brought to a boil and when it is still hot, beat for 2-3 minutes with a mixer at high speed. You will immediately see how the amount of foam increases.

Now pour the finished black coffee into cups. Take the pan with the whipped milk and gently tilt. First, pour the milk into the cups, and then gently lay the foam. Top with a sieve of ground cinnamon or cocoa.

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The second method: using a french press

Heat the milk to a boil. Then pour 2/3 of its volume into the french press. And, holding it well with one hand, quickly raise and lower the pen of the press. 30 seconds will be enough. Pour the milk with foam into a cup of coffee. Now pour again the remaining milk or cream into the press, close the french press and again quickly beat. Since there is now less milk, the air inside the bulb will be larger and the foam will be denser. This foam will be the finishing touch to your home-made cappuccino. Gently lay it on the surface of the drink. Top with a little cinnamon or grated chocolate.

One of the most favorite coffee- recipes all over the world – is Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is a national drink in Turkey. It is considered legendary because of its tremendous taste and unusual flavor. Many coffee lovers note a wide palette of flavors when tasting this coffee – it can be both sugary-sweet, and bitter and dense. Turkish coffee recipe is simple in execution, but it requires a lot of attention. Correctly brewed coffee can be counted as an art work. This case requires great care and attention. First you need to determine the size of the cezve for this drink preparation. To do this, you need to specify the number of guests who will drink coffee. As it turned out, such a moment is really important, because if the beverage is cooked in a cezve for four, and the cezve itself is intended for 5 servings, the taste and aroma of coffee will lose their perfection.

Coffee in cezve is considered the most capricious in the selection of ingredients. The water for it should be crystal clear, without admixture of salts. If you do not have soft water before hand, you can use distilled boiled water. To prepare an invigorating drink, you need to use coffee beans only of the best quality. The grinding of such grains should resemble the grinding of flour. According to tradition, for this purpose a special mortar is used, which gives coffee a special taste. By the way, the grain should be fried immediately before cooking.

According to the tradition, this type of drink is prepared on the brazier, which is sprinkled with clean sand and pebbles in small quantities. An obligatory condition is the height of the brazier – the cezve should get up almost to the neck. It must be ensured that the heating of the frypot occurs evenly. This condition is necessary in order for the entire layer to be of the same temperature. Periodically, you need to move the cezve from place to place, without touching the bottom. Adding pebbles is also natural – it prevents friction of the cezve on the brazier. Naturally, there is no brazier in the house of an average person. As a brazier fryer, you can use a conventional oven, where it is necessary to place a cast-iron cauldron filled with washed sand. So, let’s start:

Ingredients for Turkish coffee:

  • 1 teaspoon ground coffee;
  • 50-60 ml of water.

Cooking process:

  1. Cover the grinded grain in a cezve, pour cold water on it, stir it along the sand, not allowing contact with the bottom of the brazier, bring to the point that the Arabs call “a thousand streams” – this is when the water before boiling for a brief moment is saturated with a huge number of air bubbles. Stop heating by removing the dishes from the brazier;
  2. Put the cezve into the sand again; repeat the whole process again;
  3. After the secondary rise of thick foam, the beverage is ready and it is poured into preheated cups (rinsed with hot water).

The way of brewing Turkish coffee using a gas stove

  1. Heat the cezve, put coffee in it, again warm, pour cold water, stir, put on a small fire;
  2. Wait until thick aromatic foam rises, removed from the fire;
  3. Secondarily put on a weak fire, wait for the foam to rise, remove from the plate;
  4. Pour into small, pre-heated with hot water ceramic cups and serve.

Useful tips to make your home Turkish coffee become a delightful addition to any table:

  • You can add sugar to your taste. It is better to put it in the cezve with coffee;
  • Grind the grains immediately before cooking;
  • Grains should be evenly and fairly fried, but not burnt;
  • The milling should be shallow, which is called “to dust”. Such grinding can provide the famous cylindrical Yerevan coffee grinder;
  • Water should be taken from a stand-by, filtered, spring, if possible – the softest.

To enjoy the taste of coffee, it is very important to prepare it correctly. Fortunately, for this it is not necessary to purchase an expensive coffee machine or master the profession of a barista.

It will be enough just a regular coffee maker or even a cezve and knowledge of several popular home coffee recipes, and you can at any time be pampered with a cup of fragrant invigorating drink.

Thanks to the appearance of instant coffee, brewing at home has taken less than a minute. However, for a real coffee muffin, even the best instant coffee will not go to any comparison with natural, cooked by all rules manually or in a coffee machine. So the interest in home coffee recipes remains always high.

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To brew coffee at home by hand, it is most convenient to get a cezve.  With the help of the cezve you will not only be able to get a tasty and aromatic drink, but also turn the process of making coffee into a real ritual – mysterious and fascinating.

Home coffee with cinnamon

To prepare 1 serving you will need:

  • ground coffee – 1 tsp.
  • sugar – to taste
  • ground cinnamon – 1/3 tsp.
  • water – 170 ml

Brewing process

Adding various spices to coffee allows you to get new notes of a familiar fragrance. The most popular combination of coffee with cinnamon, but to taste you can additionally put in a drink also a pinch of ground cardamom, 1 clove, slightly vanilla. Pour the coffee into the cezve, warm it up a little on the fire. Add sugar and cinnamon, and then add cold water.

Bring the coffee to a boil. Pour into the cup about a quarter of the volume of the drink and return the cezve to the fire. When the coffee boils again, pour another piece into the cup and put the cezve on the stove again. Repeat 2 more times until all the coffee is in the cup.

Home Latte

For brewing, you will need:

  • coffee – part 1;
  • milk – 3 parts;
  • sugar – to taste/

Brewing process

If you have a coffee machine with the function of whipping milk foam, then, of course, you will not be able to make a coffee latte. But even without such a miracle-machine you can still enjoy a wonderful coffee-milk drink.

In the original version of coffee, latte is a drink made from espresso and warmed-up milk that has been whipped into the air. At home, you can use not an espresso, but a regular coffee brewed in cezve or even instant coffee. The latte is served in high glasses; the volume of one serving is 220 ml. In the prepared glass, pour one part of the hot coffee, and then add the whipped milk.

To get the foam, heat the milk to 50-60 ° C and blend for 3-4 minutes with a blender. Pour the milk into a glass with hot coffee in a thin trickle, on top you should get a “cap” made of foam about 1 cm thick. Add sugar to the ready-made drink to taste. It is important to note that this latte does not have to be “layered”, while during its preparation milk is always poured into coffee, and not vice versa. Drink the same, which has 3 distinct layers (milk, coffee, milk foam), called latte macchiato. Prepare latte macchiato in much the same way as latte, but first pour the milk into the glass and put a frothy “cap”, then carefully pour coffee over the wall to make it right between milk and foam.

Homemade Viennese coffee

To prepare 1 serving you will need:

  • ready hot coffee – 0,5 cups;
  • cold whipped cream – 0,5 cups;
  • grated chocolate or cocoa powder – for decoration;
  • sugar – to taste.

Brewing process

Viennese coffee today is called espresso drink and a high cap of whipped cream. At home, use coffee, brewed in a cezve, or instant coffee, and whip the cream with a mixer or take ready aerosol. Prepare coffee in a convenient way, using 2 tsp. ground grains on a glass of cold water. Pour the coffee into serving cups to about half the height.

On top of the coffee, gently lay the whipped cream with sugar powder, using a confectionery bag if desired, to get a neat “cap”. Decorate your creamy “cap” with grated chocolate or sifted with a strainer of cocoa powder. Sugar should be served separately.

Homemade coffee with cognac

To prepare 1 serving you will need:

  • ground coffee – 1 tsp.;
  • water – 100 ml;
  • cognac – 30 ml;
  • sugar-refined sugar – 3 slices;
  • cinnamon – pinch;
  • cloves – 1-2 pieces;
  • orange peel – to taste.

Brewing process

There are a lot of coffee with cognac recipes. From the so-called Russian, when brandy is simply added to coffee, cooked in the usual way, or French, when cognac is fed to coffee in a separate glass, and to Viennese, when cognac is mixed with spices and ignited. We’ll stop the last recipe.

Ground the coffee in cezve, pour hot water. Brew on low heat until coffee almost boils. Do not allow the coffee to boil, remove from heat. In a small container, put cinnamon, cloves, zest, sugar. Fill it with cognac. Set fire to the cognac, after a few seconds, covers the saucer to extinguish the flame. Pour hot coffee from the cezve into a cup, add cognac. Separately serve coffee sugar.

In conclusion, several important and useful recommendations:

  • Buy coffee only in specialized stores and in small quantities;
  • Remember: grind the coffee beans best immediately before cooking. Then the taste and aroma will be more profound. If you do not have a coffee grinder at home, ask about it at the store. But keep in mind that there the grains are finely ground;
  • Proper storage of coffee is half the result. For coffee ideally fit glass or tin cans, which are firmly closed with a lid.

Brewing coffee process is a limitless opportunity for your imagination! You can mix with different ingredients or choose one of the above mentioned traditional recipes.

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