most popular coffee maker

By | October 8, 2013

most popular coffee maker

Welcome and thanks for visiting. This site came about to provide information to assist you in making an informed decision when selecting a single-cup coffee maker. It is hoped that this review will cover the points you may be concerned about.

keurig special edition b60

Price: $125.98

The decision to invest in a single-cup coffee maker may be based in part on a preference for being served freshly made coffee when it is desired. Or perhaps, to have the ability to chose a particular flavor or strength to suit one’s taste. No need to brew a pot of coffee when only a cup is needed, and then having to consume a not so fresh cup later.

Click Here for Your Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System


Derived from the Dutch word for “excellence”, Keurig strives to fulfill the meaning of its name by the high quality of its products. Introducing single cup brewing systems in 1998, the company is its leading maker in North America.
Why Should You Choose Keurig Special Edition B60 Coffee Home-Brewing System?

The Special Edition is a mid-luxury home brewing system with many outstanding features:

Has a very modern and classy look with chrome accents to accompany any household’s kitchen.
It is easy to setup, use and clean.
In just about 2 minutes each fresh cup will be ready.
This single-cup coffee maker is suitable for gourmet coffee, tea or chocolate.
A very large variety of coffees and teas are available for this brewing system.
Unit has 3 brew-size options (small cup, normal 6oz cup, and mug).
It is easily disassembled and put back together.
The 48-oz water reservoir allows you to brew 8 cups before refilling, and is dishwasher safe.
Has automatic de-scale sensor to warn you when to clean with vinegar.
Equipped with automatic shut off for those moments when you forget to turn unit off.

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Here is a Youtube Video Review of the Keurig Special Edition B60 Coffee Home-Brewing System


Are There Any Drawbacks to the Special Edition B60 System?

Although an outstanding brewing system, there are some concerns expressed by a small number of previous buyers, regarding the Keurig Special Edition B60 Coffee Maker,such as:

It’s expensive.

While there are lower priced systems available, the additional features found on this system makes it a good value.
Unit sometimes get clogged and does not function after a few months.

most popular coffee maker

most popular coffee maker


Depending on type of coffee used, and use of chocolate, grounds often get stuck in needle holes. Cleaning needle holes, and descaling as suggested will usually correct problem. (Use of filtered water instead of tap water will also reduce scaling and prolong life of unit). hamilton beach coffee maker
K-cups can be costly.



It is possible to reduce the cost per serving by buying supplies at online stores such as Amazon. You may buy “My K-Cup” which is reusable and allows you to use your own gourmet ground coffee in your Keurig machine.

More info about Keurig:

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