most reliable coffee maker

By | September 25, 2013

most reliable coffee maker

keurig b70 – Excellence in Coffee?

keurig b70 - most reliable coffee maker

keurig b70 – most reliable coffee maker

Keurig Reviews: You may not have already known this, but “Keurig” is a Dutch word for “excellence”. Out of all of the other situations where you bought something made by a company whose name meant something like “greatness” or “excellence”, you were probably very skeptical and reluctant to make that purchase and find out whether or not the product actually lived up to its name or not.

Well, when it comes to reviewing Keurig’s brewing systems, you do not have to worry because they have proven to be one of the most excellent brands in their industry. They are fully equipped with a complete arsenal of some top-of-the-line brewing systems that truly do allow Keurig to stand out among their competitors as a brand name that can truthfully be trusted by the average consumer.

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The products that Keurig creates, develops and distributes cannot just be called coffee makers; that is a grand understatement when you take into consideration all of the amazing features that come with their products along with all of the things that most of their models are capable of doing. They are truly deluxe brewing systems that allow you to create a breathtaking cup of coffee that you would normally pay a lot of money for in a brewery or coffee shop directly from the comfort of your own home kitchen.

Keurig includes their patented tea K-cups with each of their top of the line models, so you will everything that you need to do so much more than just make a great cup of coffee. You can make a great cup of tea, if that is more your style or even just the brewing system to get your water completely heated in less than twenty seconds. This is why so many users of their deluxe models claim that they never have to use a kettle again after first purchasing these models, because they can just depend on the water heating features of these deluxe systems to take care of that task for them instead.

keurig b70 - most reliable coffee maker

keurig b70 – most reliable coffee maker

Keurig Reviews prove user-friendliness

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Another common benefit when it comes to Keurig reviews is that they designed their products to be user-friendly and highly efficient. You do not have to spend hours upon hours reading through the instruction manual several times just to understand how to master everything that your specific brewing system is capable of doing for your home or office. Everything is programmed and configured so that you can plug it up and start using it almost immediately without any significant complications.




It seems as if they thought about everything that could have possibly gone wrong when they were designing their line of brewing systems and made sure that they went right instead. It’s clear that they must have researched the different points that their customers did not like about their older models, read some Keurig reviews and investigated other comparable models sold by other brands so that they could make sure that they did not make the same mistakes with their newer models that are currently available.

For instance, one of the biggest problems that most consumers have with their current coffee makers is the fact they are forced to use paper filters every time that they want to make their coffee. Another problem is that they can’t stand it when they find grinds at the bottom of their cup, because that is just wasted coffee that they could have enjoyed if everything was ground properly the first time around. Keurig’s leading brewing systems address both problems by not requiring their users to have paper filters and by grinding each of their beans completely so that you never have to worry about wasting a single drop of coffee each morning. This clever design shimmers through in nearly all Keurig Reviews.

Since they first released their single-cup brewing system back in the late 1990’s, Keurig has maintained a very high standard of quality customer service and had only added to their extensive track record of successfully pleasing millions of customers around the world with their top-quality brewing systems.

You may have tried to call other customer service departments and support hotlines for your past coffee makers and been kept on hold, mysteriously disconnected or ended up spending hours on the phone with someone that was not capable of answering any of your questions or addressing any of your problems. They provide their customers with all of their accurate, contact information so that they can easily and quickly get a hold of an experienced customer service representative whenever they need one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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As with any other consumer product, however, nothing is ever 100%; even the highest quality products being sold on the market today have a few flaws, defects and downsides that need to be taken into consideration before finalizing any purchase. The patented K-cups are not very easy to find for sale in most department stores and you are more than likely going to find a much better deal for them online than you will in any actual retailer.

Some people may not want to be bothered with having to use the K-cups for their deluxe models, but those people obviously have not tasted the great coffee that comes from one of their machines yet. Once they experience that empowering love at first sip, they will not hesitate to use as many K-cups as necessary to be able to enjoy that deliciousness over and over again.

There are so many brands on the market today that offer high price coffee maker models, but are only able to produce the type of quality that you would expect from a low price coffee maker instead. Keurig has done a phenomenal job at making sure that their high quality brewing systems are able to create a high quality tasting coffee without breaking the bank of their customers all at the same time.

You may have tried other coffee makers before in the past and been completely disappointed. It’s easy to think that one coffee maker is going to be just as bad or good as any other with nothing standing one out from the others. The only reason that they would think that, however, is because they have not tried a Keurig model yet.

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2 thoughts on “most reliable coffee maker

  1. Anonymous

    am returning the Keurig 2.0 because it was way less then excellent, it was a nightmare to operate, would not even use the k-cups packed in the box with it and I will advise others to stay clear of this model. Again was a nightmare!

  2. Wally1

    I am also returning my new Keurig 2.0. Our old Keurig 1.0 design was simple and worked. It finally quit working and my wife arrived home with the new 2.0. One word to describe the new machine JUNK! It uses DRM recognition technology. It is difficult to use and over engineered, All to make a cup of coffee. They should keep it simple, stupid. Do I need a coffee machine that reads special code in order for me to have a cup of coffee, this is absurd. Mere words cannot describe how dismayed I am about the level of stupidity companies will go in order to loose customers. I won’t be buying another Keurig.

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