My Favorite Part of the Morning

By | March 10, 2016

The Automatic Coffee Maker – My Favorite Part of the Morning

My Favorite Part of the Morning

The automatic coffee maker makes my morning better every single day of the week. My routine is to get up at 6:30, hop in the shower, just as I get out, I can throw on my robe, and my coffee is hot and ready, waiting on me on the counter. I get to sit back for an hour or so before heading into work, and that makes it really nice. Back in the old days I was up a little earlier in order to prepare my pot of coffee, then I also had to spend a lot of time washing the thing in the evenings.

The modern automatic coffee maker makes a huge difference in time spent preparing your coffee! I act like those days were so long ago, but really it was only a few years ago that I was doing that. The automatic coffee maker is one of the newest and hottest items that a household of coffee drinkers should have in their home, without a doubt.

First off, it is easy to use. I will be a little bit stereotypical. The coffee drinkers I see in cafe are typically pretty old, but Starbucks has lit a fire under the younger generation coming up. Still though, these old school coffee drinkers are little bit set in their ways. They don’t typically like technology. Most of them are even a little bit fearful of it. But to be honest, this couldn’t be any easier.

It truly is one of those set it and forget type machines. The good news, it’s not like setting up a game of “Mouse Trap” to get this thing to work. You punch in the time you want it to be ready, put the ingredients in it, and have your cup in place. That is all you need to know.

starbucks verismo capsule
Secondly, I think anyone would be pleased with the flavor. I guess the only person who wouldn’t like the flavor would be those coffee drinkers that have been using the same unwashed coffee pot for the last twenty years. I’m sure that has some mold growing in it that probably isn’t even safe for the average drinker. The good news, washing these is easy (most necessary items to wash are dishwasher safe) and you still can get the same great flavors. Not all automatic coffee makers require an instant form of coffee ingredient to make it. You really do get the same old flavors without much change at all other than the convenience.

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Is the Nespresso Citiz worth buying?

If you’re looking for an espresso machine that is quick and easy to use without compromising flavour, then we believe the Nespresso Citiz is a machine worth considering.

nespresso citiz c111 espresso maker
It looks good in a range of different colours, with nice chrome accents.
It is quite compact, so no waste of valuable counter space, and because it is designed for use with coffee filled capsules you will be brewing a perfect cup of rich aromatic espresso with absolute push button ease.

Delicious latte and cappuccino are also the push of a button away with the integrated aeroccino for your convenience.

So, Yes! we do believe the nespresso citiz is a great buy especially if you are a busy person and don’t have the time or inclination to grind and tamp.

You’ll save even more time as this little work of art is very very easy to keep clean.


Single-serve automatic espresso maker for use with coffee-filled capsules.
19-bar pump pressure for maximum extraction of flavor, ensuring a thick golden crema.
Thermoblock technology with stainless-steel heating element guarantees precise temperature control.
Energy-saving mode which reduces power if unit is left on.
Automatic and programmable volume control for espresso or lungo
34oz removable water tank for easy filling and cleaning
Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
Used-capsule container – Hold around 10 capsules so ensure you empty used regularly to prevent jamming
Folding cup support – 2 positions – 1 for a cup and 1 for macchiato glass
Integrated Aeroccino for creating milk-based coffee drinks at the touch of a button.
Frother has two whisk attachments and an auto shutoff feature.
Dedicated space for coffee preparation

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The most common issues are:

Capsules are proprietary and can only be bought via the Nespresso website.
What you need to do is visit their website – sign up to the coffee club, then you can quickly and easily order from a wide variety of flavours. Delivery is fast usually 2 working days, so be sure you order before you run out.

The cost of the capsules at around 50c was another concern for some.
As most users comment – They are still a lot cheaper than coffee house drinks and the selection of flavours and time saving features more than makes up for the price.

A few users have found the frother to be a little troublesome at times which is probably caused through not taking proper care of it.

It is important not to leave the frother on the connector after use, and let it cool completely between uses. If you do this then you shouldn’t have too much trouble. And if you still have problems, Nespresso usually helps with no questions asked.

Overall the vast majority of users love the Nespresso Citiz simply because it is so easy to use, it looks good and the capsules gives them a variety of flavors to choose.
But more importantly the coffee quality is almost second to none.

So if you just want a really good coffee at the press of a button we highly recommend this machine.

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