My New Coffee Machine from Bosch: Tassimo Brewbot

By | April 25, 2015

tassimo brewbot review

I love, love, love coffee and have been trying to figure out what the Best Coffee System is available for home use. I’ve looked into a lot of different coffee makers and coffee systems and from what I can tell; most people seem to like one of two coffee makers: the Tassimo from Bosch or the Keurig.

I think the reason people like these two coffee makers so much is that they will make single servings of coffee. I think that the single serving sizes are great. For me, I don’t need a whole pot of coffee every morning and I’m pretty much the only coffee drinker in my home. Another reason I think the single servings are awesome is because I can have a cup of regular coffee then I can mix things up and have a different flavored coffee if I want another cup.

What really drew my attention (besides the great reviews) was the versatility of the coffee maker. You can get a myriad of flavors of coffee and on top of that machine can make seven different types of beverages. I really only drink coffee in the morning and have a nice herbal tea at night but I’ve read about other people using that coffee machine to make hot water for oatmeal (or any hot breakfast). I thought that was pretty amazing.

Tassimo Brewbot makes the best coffee I ever tasted. Best investment I ever made.

When I was reading reviews on other websites, I noticed that the Tassimo Brewbot seemed to get more stars and better compliments than the Keurig. I didn’t really read anything “bad” per se about the Keurig, but the Tassimo just seemed to be better liked.

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I did notice that some people weren’t too happy about the T-Discs (the little cups that make the coffee or other beverages). The major complaints were about serving size and price. My first thought was, why would you buy a single serve coffee maker if you were concerned about not having enough coffee? There are plenty of coffee makers that make whole pots of coffee! It made me laugh, but I guess some people don’t research things before they buy something.

As far as the price goes for the T-Discs, I didn’t think that they were overpriced by any means. I watched a video on YouTube and the guy making the video did the math on the price of the T-Discs versus the price of one 16 ounce cup of coffee from a coffee shop, and the discs were much cheaper than the coffee shops. Besides, the company has a great home delivery service that saves you a ton of money because they give you a couple sample discs and the shipping is free; you even get to pick when or how often you want new discs delivered to you.

In my research I found this coffee maker to be the best choice for me. I was looking for a great quality single serve coffee maker, and the Tassimo Brewbot is exactly that and a whole lot more. The price and versatility of the Bosch make it the best coffee system for me.

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The best coffee makers are not necessarily the most sophisticated or expensive more info.

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