No Fuss Coffee

By | December 20, 2015

No Fuss Coffee

it's time for coffee
Take a few moments to think about the best part of your day. Is it in the morning before you go to work, during your lunch break when you get a little time to relax from the daily grind or is it the end of a hard day when you can put your feet up and enjoy a much deserved rest? Whichever part of the day is your favorite, chances are it involves a hot cup of coffee.

But is a hot, steaming cup of coffee really as important as all that?.

Coffee wakes us up, it starts our engine and helps keep us alert during our workdays and take a load off with a cup of coffee when we’re finally off duty. We enjoy coffee iced and hot, black or the works, and even enjoy it as a dessert. We visit over coffee; we catch up with old friends over coffee and use coffee as a convenient excuse to get to know that special someone a little better. Coffee has become a big part of our lives – and so has the mess.

Most of us probably have a coffee maker sitting on our kitchen counter, ready to wake us in the morning. But if we have a traditional coffee maker, that means we also probably have at least one bulky box of coffee filters stashed in our closet. It means we likely have a big, space hogging container of coffee grounds, or beans which leads to another problem – grinding them. Now that we have all of the components of our coffee maker, and our coffee is brewing we have to make sure we use it all or throw out what we can’t use – who has time to measure out exactly one cups worth of ground coffee and brew only enough for themselves before they run off to work or any number of the other hundred things we have to do in a day?

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And if, by some miracle, we are able to use the entire pot it is very likely we won’t have time to clean up the mess it leaves behind when we’re in a rush to make sure we’re not late for work. Warm water and coffee grounds are a less than sanitary brew to have sitting on your counter all day while you’re at the office.

That’s where a great single serve machine comes in handy. There are several varieties of machine such as the Cuisinart SS-700 coffee maker that has some neat functions for iced beverages, several cup sizes, automatic on and off and temperature adjustment which can make the difference between bland, bitter coffee and a nice, smooth cup of coffee to start your day off right.

Most single serve coffee makers use coffee pods or reusable filters, which makes cleaning up a snap and gets you where you’re going faster. So you’re awake, your counter is spic and span and you’re out the door in no time. The best part of waking up? Skipping the mess!

Amazon Store offers you a great selection of best-selling commercial coffee machines from the top brands.

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