Our Review: krups 12 cup programmable coffee maker

By | January 31, 2016

Fresh cup of coffee every morning with the Krups 12 cup programmable coffee maker

krups 12 cup programmable coffee maker

Price: $548.39 + $20.56 shipping

Krups KM9008One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying coffeemakers is to base their judgment on the product’s features. Though the options can be great sellers and are important, they should often take a backseat in favor of functionality. With this thought in mind, it’s possible even the simplest coffee machine may just be the one thing you need to perk you up in the morning—a single-cup coffeemaker such as Krups KM9008.

Krups KM9008 doesn’t have the K-cups or the Quite-Brew technologies that are found in Keurig. You can’t also pause the appliance while in the middle of brewing so you can have your cup of coffee, something you can do with Cuisinart. However, it is a straightforward device, perfect for all types of users, and sports only the much-needed functionalities.

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Krups KM9008 Pros:

  • Can produce up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Provides users with a lot of control, especially in temperature and amount of coffee
  • Keeps the water hot in its stainless steel carafe
  • Includes durable parts, filtration system, and 3 removable trays to accommodate different sizes of travel mugs
  • Produces a lot of coffee cups in one brew
  • Allows for weekend setting programming
  • Is easy to use and lightweight

Krups KM9008 Cons:

  • Carafe may be become difficult to handle since it remains hot
  • Coffee taste may change after a while
  • Filter sometimes drips
  • Takes some time to brew
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Krups KM9008 Features:

  • 12-cup capacity coffee maker
  • Weekend and weekday settings, other programmable controls
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Front-facing water window
  • Precise Warming technology
  • Countdown timer
  • Aroma selection
  • 3 removable drip trays
  • KrupsuoFilterwater filtration system
  • Removable coffee tank
  • 1,100 watts of power
  • Measures 14.01 inches in length, 9.921 inches in weight, and 14.56 inches in height
  • Weight 9.9 pounds

krups 12 cup programmable coffee maker

Detailed Krups KM9008 Review:

Krups KM9008 is a very simple and straightforward coffeemaker, which actually works to its advantage. This means anyone can operate it, especially someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with coffee machines. It is small and compact, easy to move around the house as well as store. This may also be great for traveling and coffee drinking in the office.

The beautifully designed and durable stainless steel coffee machine produces up to 12 cups of coffee—yes, a lot. Thus, you can share coffee cups with friends or spend less time brewing. The brewing time may be around 5 minutes, which seems long compared to other coffee makers, but you can already have 8 cups. Moreover, you have full control over the temperature and the amount of coffee you want to pour.

If there’s still coffee left, you can preserve it right inside the stainless steel removable tank, where it’s kept hot until the next serving (or at most 4 hours). It’s common among coffeemakers to have a removable drip tray to accommodate tall travel mugs. This one, however, has three of them, so you can use a wide selection of travel mugs. There’s also a very nifty feature in Krups KM9008. You can program your coffee settings according to weekends or weekdays. For example, perhaps you want some light blend on Saturdays. All you have to do is to press the weekend button, and you can already have your cup.

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Some people complain about the bitter taste of coffee, especially the bottom part. This can be solved by properly setting the right temperature and never allowing coffee to sit for a long time. You may also watch out for potential filter drips and properly handle the carafe. Sometimes, without you knowing it, it’s very hot.


User Reviews

I finally found the perfect coffee maker for my household. I make a batch of coffee when I get up in the morning then everyone else can have a hot, fresh tasting cup when they get up.

—Pinky, Amazon.com

The Krups Cup on Request coffee maker is by far the best coffee maker I have ever had. I love that fact that the coffee stays piping hot and stays fresh in the carafe inside the coffee maker.

—Carrie Mangels, Amazon.com

This machine keeps coffee hot without burning it like many glass carafe machines do. I love that I can dispense as much as I want or preprogram for my favorite mug. It is super easy to use and clean. I would recommend this coffee maker to anyone who likes hot, fresh coffee all morning long.

—N. Schubert, Amazon.com

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