secret to a perfect cup of coffee at home

By | April 8, 2014

secret to a perfect cup of coffee at home

perfect cup of coffee at home

perfect cup of coffee at home

There are so many ways to accomplish that perfect cup of roasted, ground, and steeped coffee. Some of us set the coffee machine the night before, some stop at the corner cafe, and some shake instant grounds into hot water. However coffee is made, it’s sure to be enjoyed.

There are some of us who dedicate a few extra moments to coffee creation: we grind the whole beans just prior to brewing. Why, you might ask, would you take the time to do this? In our current fast-paced culture where every moment matters, why not buy ground coffee? Or swing through a neighborhood drive-thru?

The answer is multifaceted and at the same time simple. The straightforward answer is this: Coffee brewed from freshly ground beans tastes better. Coming from someone enthusiastic about simple pleasures, this is all the reason I need. Other reasons are economic. Think of the coffee that you crave from your favorite coffee shop. Imagine having this perfect brew in your home. Home is not only a comfortable setting, but also an inexpensive option for coffee brewing. You can make that perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price spent elsewhere.

Are you ready to try freshly ground and brewed coffee at home? Are you ready to explore your grinder options in order to further perfect your coffee experience? If yes, then this is the place for you. There are many types of coffee grinders available, all serving specific purposes. So, before making your purchase, it is important to consider how you will use your grinder in order to choose an appropriate machine.

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First, let’s consider a remnant from the past which has retained popularity: manual coffee grinders. The appeal of manual coffee grinders is both functional and aesthetic. Being manual, these grinders do not require electricity, making them the perfect option for camping. (Freshly ground and brewed coffee around a morning campfire? Scrumptious.) Also, there are many of us who are becoming more and more conscientious about energy use. Therefore, this grinder is just right for those preferring elbow grease over electric bills. Last but not least, there is something to be said about doing something by hand. Try it, and soak it in.

As you know, you will find a vast array of electric grinders. How do we choose just the right one? One important factor to consider is how you brew your coffee. Do you drink espresso or boil in a percolator? Do you have a drip machine and if so, do your filters have flat bottoms or are they cone shaped? Or do you savor Turkish coffee at home?

If you make espresso with a machine or Turkish style coffee, you will need a burr coffee grinder. These coffees require a super fine grind (and finer: the Turkish grind is nearly a powder.) Only burr coffee grinders produce grounds fine enough for espresso machines and Turkish style coffee.

For all other brewing methods, you can choose either a burr coffee grinder or a blade coffee grinder. There are many companies offering coffee grinders, including Krups, Braun, and Cuisinart. Continue exploring on this site and you’ll find more information to help you choose the perfect coffee grinder for you!
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