Perfect Pod EZ Cup Review for Keurig Single Cup Coffee Makers

By | May 25, 2016

The new Keurig Perfect Pod EZ Cup allows you to make a cup of coffee in your Keurig single cup coffee maker with any coffee you choose – make your very own K-Cup! How is it different than the Keurig My K-Cup filter basket?  Well with the My K-Cup, you fill up a wire mesh container with your ground coffee and then had to do a lot of rinsing of the vessel to clean all the coffee grinds out. With the Perfect Pod EZ Cup, you now place your ground coffee in pre-formed filters and then just dispose of them after brewing.  No fuss, no mess. Some may argue that it is more wasteful since you are throwing out filters, but hey – how much water do you use just to clean the My K-Cup?! And you don’t have to throw them away – we just dispose of the entire filter and used grounds into our compost. Makes lovely soil for our summer tomatoes!

perfect pod ez cup
The EZ Cup is just like the Perfect Pod Holster, except now you don’t have to buy coffee pods. To tell you the truth, I own the pod holster and only used store bought pods a few times before making my own. I just used T-Sac #2 Tea Filter bags, filled them up with my chosen coffee, put it in the pod holster and brewed coffee that way.  But now they make perfectly sized coffee filters for the EZ Cup to make it, well, easy.

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Why get a Perfect Pod EZ Cup?

  1. Choose any kind of coffee your heart desires – you are not limited to the Green Mountain Keurig K-Cup inventory.
  2. Easier and quicker clean-up than using the Keurig My K-Cup. Just remove the filter and toss! No wasting of water to clean out leftover coffee grounds.
  3. Save lots of money by not having to exclusively use K-Cups which average more than 50 cents a cup.
  4. Being a little greener by not wasting all that plastic that is used to create each K-Cup. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy anymore K-Cups. I still use them, but in combination with the EZ cup and my own coffee. Hey, sometimes I’m lazy or have company and let them choose what kind of coffee they want. That’s why we have a single cup coffee maker in the first place!

Can I just use my Perfect Pod Holster that I already have and just buy the filters?

Well, the only difference between the Pod Holster and the EZ Cup is the spring. The spring is longer and more robust on the Pod Holster, shorter and not as springy in the EZ Cup to provide more space for the filter. So you could mess around and perhaps alter the spring on the pod holster to accommodate the filter, but I would recommend just getting the EZ Cup too. This way you still have more options for brewing your coffee. There may be a big sale on coffee pods and then you’ll still have your pod holster to take advantage of the savings.

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Where to Purchase the Keurig Perfect Pod EZ Cup?

The EZ Cup can be purchased on Amazon, eBay and the As Seen On TV website which, to me, seems kind of a hokey website. Personally, I’d rather buy from Amazon or eBay first since I know what to expect as far as how the payments are handled, shipping time, etc.. Currently the Keurig EZ Cup sells for $12.95, and the filters cost $4.99 for 50.

This will work in all current Keurig Coffee Makers including the Keurig Mini (B30), Elite (B40), Special Edition (B60), Platinum (B70) and Breville single cup coffee makers.

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