Perfect Pod Holster Review

By | May 25, 2016

We purchased the Perfect Pod Holster to expand our coffee choices with our Keurig B70 and for convenience and economical reasons as well. Reasons to use a Perfect Pod Holster with a Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker: (New – Now there is also the Perfect Pod EZ Cup which has pre-formed filters to allow you to use any coffee, not just pods!)

  • Expands gourmet coffee choices: In addition to K-Cups you now have 100s of coffee pods to choose from and at a cost of $12.95 for the Holster, it’s quite an economical addition to your brew station.
  • Economical: K-Cups average 45-65¢/cup; Pods 25-35¢/cup.
  • Easier clean-up than using the “My K-Cup” (reusable K-Cup coffee filter) where you have to wash out the coffee grinds from the filter after brewing. The My K-Cup gives you the added benefit of using your own coffee, but it’s messy. With the pod holster you can also have the flexibility of using your own coffee by making your own pods with the Perfect Pod Maker or by using T-Sacs (tea filter bags). Then you just dispose of the pod or T-Sac instead of having to clean out grounds like you do with the My K-Cup filter.
  • Environmentally friendlier: Pods produces less waste than plastic K-Cups.

Only Con:

We are used to using almost 12-14g of coffee (in the “My K-Cup”) for Keurig’s 7oz brew size so when using a 7g Senseo pod we learned we have to brew on the smallest 5oz. setting. There are pods out there, however, that do have more coffee in them such as Fratello and Black Mountain Gold pods. We have also used #2 T-Sacs (tea filter bags) and were able to make a lovely cup of strong coffee by using 2 tablespoons of medium-fine ground coffee in the T-Sac.

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In conclusion, we like the pod holster, and for a mere $12.95 (+shipping) we think it’s a great bargain and an excellent addition to our own little gourmet coffee cafe. If you want to use pods or your own coffee in your Keurig, we highly recommend this product.

You can buy the perfect pod holster directly on ebay – usually best price. Here are the current auctions or buy it now offers:

Important Tip when using the Perfect Pod Holster:

The first time we used the holster, the coffee was extremely weak. We learned, as the picture below explains, that you need to push the pod up from the bottom as much as you can so that the Keurig needle can easily puncture the filter and so that the pod is compacted for optimal brewing extraction.

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