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By | October 2, 2013

delonghi esam5400 digital super automatic machine espresso coffee latte cappuccino

delonghi esam5400

Many people already consider delonghi to be a very strong competitor in the automatic espresso machine category, and the ESAM5400 gives them just one more reason to think that. The delonghi ESAM5400 is a great product in a very competitive prosumer lineup of espresso machines. It it one of the least expensive that offers a full digital control panel, which complements an already-strong espresso and comes in a very well engineered package that is sure to last you a long time.


For the price, the espresso made in this machine is a showstopper. You simply won’t find better espresso at this price point. The grinding and brewing system is top notch and creates a good cup of espresso with a perfect dosing amount and good crema. The temperature is incredibly consistent across the different selections and even when brewing multiple cups back to back.

Ease of Use:

Delonghi Esam5400 Digital Super Automatic Machine Espresso/coffee/latte/cappuccinoSuper-automatics are an incredible gift to the espresso lover. If you want to make an espresso with as close to no human interaction, a super-automatic is the only way to go. The ESAM5400 does just that, grinding the beans in a conical grinder, tamping the grind down and then brewing at 15-bar. During that entire process you don’t have to touch the machine once. There really isn’t that much more to say; fill it up, press a button and it’s ready to go.

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One thing that may be a negative for some people is that the digital display works off of icons so it is not as easily programmable as you might hope. That being said, this machine is still incredibly easy to use and part of the reason for that is because of how convenient it is to select the icon you need when you’re trying to get a quick espresso made in the morning.

Build Quality:

The allure of prosumer-grade espresso machines is that the problems with build quality are essentially nil. The ESAM is bulletproof, and comes with a two year warranty just in case any parts wear out during the breaking-in period. What is surprising with this machine is that there are a large number of moving parts due to the automated brewing process but the amount of breakage seems to minimal at best, even across multiple machines in a high use environment.


In the strictest sense of the word, there really aren’t any add-ons to the 5400. Since everything happens internally, you don’t need anything besides beans and water to make good espresso. Externally, you will find a cup warmer which keeps your cups warm until you’re ready to use them and the digital display that makes everything easier to use.


Delonghi Esam5400 Digital Super Automatic Machine Espresso/coffee/latte/cappuccino List Price: $1,699.99 Read Reviews Buy Now

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The ESAM5400 is a winner not only in quality but in ease of use. At this level and price point, you couldn’t ask for a better machine. This is definitely a winner in the entry-level prosumer category. Having a machine that makes good espresso but also features bulletproof construction and a two year warranty is a license to sit back, relax, and enjoy the espresso.

DeLonghi ESAM 5400
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