personalized coffee mugs under $10

By | December 18, 2013

personalized coffee mugs under $10

personalized coffee mugs under $10

personalized coffee mugs under $10


A Personalized Coffee Mug Makes the Perfect Gift

If you are looking for a perfect and inexpensive way to say “thank you” to your employees for all their hard work, you might have difficulty in finding a gift that fits the bill. Too often we find it difficult to pick out that perfect gift − the one that says you cared enough to put some thought into it. A personalized coffee mug, however, makes the perfect gift and will likely find daily use with the lucky recipient. bunn coffee maker for home

The Reward of Rewards

For the small business owner, cash bonuses are not always practical in today’s cutthroat world. Employees will tell you, of course, that money is the best way to say “thank you.” This does not mean that you should overlook the benefit of relatively little tokens of appreciation and the impact they can have on productivity.

A simple coffee mug can go a long way toward showing employees that you value their work without breaking the bank. Regardless of the size of your office, it is possible to give a gift to each of your employees that amounts to only a few dollars each in cost. Your break room already likely has a large number of personal mugs your employees have brought from home, so why not return the favor?

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Your favorite Internet search engine will return hundreds of sites that offer a personalized coffee mug for sale. You provide the logo, message or choose from one of the many standard designs available at each site. You will likely find a coffee mug available in hundreds of different looks, making picking the right gifts a snap.

Most sites have a minimum order quantity. A thirty-six piece minimum order might be fine for many companies, but even those with fewer than ten employees should not balk at this. The savvy business owner is well aware of the value of getting his or her company logo in front of the eyeballs of consumers.

After your employees have received their gifts, you should consider giving a coffee mug to your top customers as another “thank you.” That customer is sure to appreciate the gesture, and the cost of the coffee mug is vastly outweighed by the value inherent in personalized customer service.

The value of showing appreciation to your employees is well documented. Few people would be able to argue that an investment that amounts to little more than $5 for each of your employees will not be returned in terms of better productivity. When you are looking for that special gift for your workers, consider the humble coffee mug and give them something they can enjoy each day.
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