plumbed coffee maker

By | April 12, 2014

plumbed coffee maker

plumbed coffee maker

plumbed coffee maker

Coffee maker plumbed is one of the great coffee brewers available in the market. This machine does not need you to fill any water since the water will be automatically plumbed by the machine. Aside from this unique feature, this coffee machine has a lot of other features that can give a you a better coffee experience. Like any other coffee machines, it has its own drawback which is its price. Miele Built-In Stainless Steel Coffee System – CVA-4066SS

This coffee maker plumbed machine is fully automated. You just need to put in the coffee granules, push a button to fix the brewing settings and then you’ll enjoy a great coffee. If you’re looking for this kind of coffee maker, you’re probably searching for the Brew Express by Lance Larkin. This comes with cup chooser, a pause and blend feature, a function that can be set and a thermal flask. It has what every consumers are looking for a coffee brewer.


plumbed coffee maker

plumbed coffee maker

I mentioned earlier that this machine is so expensive. Here are the reasons why:

Before installing the coffee maker plumbed machine into a wall, you have to buy a water filter which would pump the water into the coffee maker. This filter costs approximately 50% of the coffee maker. With markdown, this plumbed coffee maker usually costs about $400 which makes the filter to cost at approximately $200. You need to spend $600 for the whole package.

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If you’re not a plumber who can install the machine into a wall, then, you need to prepare another amount to pay for a professional plumber who will do the installation. They usually charge $30 per person in an hour. This kind of job would be done for two hours, therefore you would come in for another $60 for the installation.

The total amount you will be spending is $660 which is 65% great than the price of the coffee maker plumbed.

It’s pretty sure that this coffee maker plumbed would fit to any kitchen and is a fashionable appliance to have. What’s best is that it’s automated to fit your comfort. But are all these promising benefits worth the value you pay for this coffee maker plumbed?

I think the price is too expensive for this kind of coffee brewer. Though it does not demand you to fill any water on it since the water will be pumped into the machine but the amount that you spend would end you up hiding the machine rather than using it. Personally, if I have this amount of money to spend for a coffee maker, I would probably spend it for an espresso machine which can brew a lot of variety of coffee gourmet – a feature which this coffee maker plumbed doesn’t have.

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