pod coffee makers how they work

By | February 13, 2014

pod coffee makers how they work

The new coffee pod brewer is a whole new process for brewing coffee that’s taking the coffee maker market by storm. Pod coffee makers are becoming very popular and some are even wondering if these new coffee pod brewers will soon replace drip coffee makers.


The coffee pod brewer falls in the middle of a drip coffee maker and an espresso machine. They make brewing coffee one cup at a time quick and painless with an easy-to-use coffee pod.

Here is how a pod coffee brewer works. The boiler of the coffee pod brewer rapidly heats the water and drives it through the coffee grounds.

By using light pressure, the process for brewing coffee is faster than with regular drip machines.

In order to maintain the precise amount of pressure and water flow through the coffee, pre-packed coffee pods are used. This ensures that the coffee is packed to the proper level for optimum brewing.

This process for brewing coffee produces a nice foamy layer on the top of your coffee that adds a luxurious touch. Not quite the crema you get on espresso, but close.

You brew one cup at a time, and the whole process takes only one to two minutes from the time you turn on the machine, to drinking your fresh coffee. You just flip open the machine, place in a pod, close it and hit the brew button.

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With a pod coffee maker, you no longer have to settle for stale coffee sitting on the warming plate, nor do you have to sit and wait for a pot to brew.

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It’s perfect for someone who craves a java fix but doesn’t want to make a whole pot that will go to waste.

Each coffee pod has a measured portion of ground coffee or espresso, compressed between two biodegradable filter paper sheets. They are sold in different varieties of roasts from mild to medium to decaffeinated.
That way you can brew each individual cup to any desired coffee drinkers taste. Coffee pods are easy to use, convenient, mess free and provide a consistently delicious freshly brewed cup of coffee.

If you are looking for a new coffee maker a coffee pod brewer may be just what you are looking for. more info the pod coffee maker

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