Buying & Distributing Promotional Coffee Travel Mugs

By | June 15, 2016

promotional coffee travel mugs

Promotional coffee travel mugs are an effective tool for promoting your business or organization, and are valuable enough to sell to customers rather than giving them away. They provide a larger surface for printing your logo and other information than most promotional items.

This makes it possible for these mugs to feature a list of products/services, a telephone number, and a website address, in addition to the logo and business name. Additionally, if they are of good quality, promotional coffee travel mugs can help remind customers of your business for many months or years to come. They also can be used at home, work, and during transportation, increasing their promotional exposure to both your present customers and other people they encounter.

promotional coffee travel mugs

Promotional coffee travel mugs are available from a variety of sources, in many different styles and sizes. Stainless steel mugs are somewhat more expensive, but provide greater durability and may be considered more valuable by customers. However, acrylic or plastic travel mugs offer the advantage of being able to choose the color, which is beneficial if a particular color is associated with your business or organization.

Most have a capacity ranging from fourteen to eighteen ounces. Some promotional item dealers even offer electric-heated coffee mugs which can be plugged into a car’s cigarette lighter; these are more expensive, but do have a higher re-sale value, and customers are less likely to already own a mug of this type.

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If possible, it is a good idea to request a sample of the travel mug before ordering a large quantity, to determine if it is of good enough quality. Try putting the sample mug in a few different car cup holders to see if it fits, and determine if it is insulated well enough to keep the coffee hot. If it is an electric-heated mug, verify that the exterior doesn’t become excessively hot.

Wash the sample mug as well to make sure this doesn’t have any negative effect upon it; at least a few travel mugs have sponge-like pads on the bottom which are difficult to dry after washing.

promotional coffee travel mugs

Travel coffee mugs are available from many different promotional item services, including on


If your business is a store or restaurant, you can sell the travel mugs in it, and perhaps offer a discount on coffee and/or other beverages when they are purchased by a customer using one of promotional mugs. In addition to encouraging customers to purchase and use the mugs, this will save money on disposable foam or plastic cups which the beverage would normally be sold in.

On the other hand, stores which sell relatively expensive items like appliances or television sets might consider including a promotional coffee travel mug with any major purchase, as an incentive. If you run a non-profit organization, offering to give a free travel mug in exchange for donations exceeding a certain amount will encourage people to donate, as well as reminding them to make donations in the future.

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