pros and cons krups xp7225

By | April 27, 2014

pros and cons krups xp7225

krups xp7225

krups xp7225

The Krups XP7225 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is a fully automatic espresso machine. And at Coffee Makers Made in USA we discovered this means that all you need to do is add water and beans – and the machine does the rest! This extremely compact espresso maker grinds, tamps and brews before dumping the used grounds into a collection point for disposal. It also features a large digital display to guide you through the whole coffee making process and also has a bypass doser for pre-ground coffee.

This machine has been designed for simplicity of use, and in our fast paced modern world the last thing you want is a machine that’s fiddly.

takes time to operate. Pretty space-age in design, it has an oversized digital display and sleek lines all wrapped up in a small footprint so as not take up too much room on the counter.

It boasts a thermoblock heating system which is made from aluminum with stainless steel tubing. This helps to provide the best water temperature for brewing whilst keeping the build-up of scale and deposits to a minimum.

The Krups XP7225 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine also has a steam function to whip up the milk for those lattes and cappuccinos, along with on-demand hot water. The machine has a powerful, 1450 watt motor and a self-priming pump for ease of use. With this automatic machine, great coffee is dispensed literally at the touch of a button.

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Krups XP7225 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 14.25 x 9.5 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight – 19 pounds
  • 1450 watts power output
  • 8 cup water reservoir
  • Programmable brew amounts and cup sizes
  • Steam wand
  • Built in grinder
  • Built in tamper

Plenty of people have seen fit to write reviews about the Krups XP7225 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine. But sadly it’s not because they are raving about it. The thing is, no-one is complaining about the quality of the coffee it produces. When it works then you’ll be delighted at the velvety smooth tones and tempting aroma. But that word ‘when’ is a big clue as to the problem of this machine.

The machine tends to clog with monotonous regularity. This causes numerous error messages to come up on the screen – sure, it may look funky, but when you can’t avail yourself to the great coffee you know it can produce, it just becomes a useless metal box clogging up space on the counter. And we use the word ‘metal’ very loosely. Many people have noted how much of the machine is plastic, with the button and controls feeling flimsy and tacky.

The steamer is another bone of contention. Whilst it works, it seems that it just doesn’t have the power to go on long enough to froth the milk enough to make a good latte. Add this to the fact that the Krups XP7225 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine has leaked over a multitude of counters and you start to get the picture that perhaps you shouldn’t waste your money on this one.

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But hey, Krups is a good company, so surely you should have some back up with their customer service? Hmmm, seems this is a misconception as well. Many people have stated how disappointed they have been with the way Krups have dealt with their defective machines. Many have been repaired or replaced, only for similar problems to re-occur. But no-one has had the option of a refund. Many folks have just given up, purchased a different make and the Krups XP7225 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine has been consigned to landfill.

On first impressions, the Krups appears to be an outstanding machine for an incredible price. But there’s a reason why fully automatics are normally much more expensive, and in the case of the Krups XP7225 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine, it’s definitely seems to be that you get what you pay for.

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