rancilio silvia espresso machine

By | July 21, 2013

rancilio silvia espresso machine

The Rancilio Silvia Espresso machine has attracted some great reviews from critics.

 rancilio silvia espresso machine
Today, we analyze the ins and outs of this espresso machine for our readers. Rancilio itself has been manufacturing quality espresso machines since back in the 1920’s and claim to engage in extensive research & development for continual advancement of products. Anyone who’s familiar with the coffee machine industry will know that the Rancilio brand rules the market like Tefal in homeware.

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Based on our personal experience and several customer reviews, this machine produces a mean espresso that is far better than other brands’ coffee. It is never too bitter or sour. Microfoam can be made if the correct amount of tamp is utilized. The only advice would be to ensure your coffee is ground well. Investing in a burr grinder like Rancilio Rocky would be the best bet for that. If you’re picky about your coffee, try grinding the beans just before brewing and use beans that have been roasted only a few weeks earlier. Fresh espresso coming up!

 rancilio silvia espresso machine
The entire logic behind buying your personal espresso machine is ease of use. And the Rancilio Silvio certainly doesn’t fail at that. The machine is really compact and doesn’t take up too much space on the countertop. Unlike more complex machines, you require no expert espresso-making training to use it. It’s a smooth sail from purchase point to the actual coffee making. A quick look through those instructions and you’re ready to impress your friends with some unforgettable lattes.

For first time users, you can find a series of user-friendly short videos showing how to navigate this machine. Rancilio certainly has gone to great lengths to provide customers with simple directions. It is much appreciated considering not too many other coffee machine manufacturers do this. Rancilio’s customer care is fantastic.

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-Basic Dimensions: The dimension figures are W 11 2/5” H 13 2/5” D 9 3/10”. That places it in the medium-size category. Most advertisements show it with 6 espresso cups (demitasse) sitting on top.

Rancilio Silvia V3 Review video

-Encouragingly Heavy: It’s quite heavy at 30.4 pounds. This is something you may or may not like. To us, that was a pretty obvious sign of a quality espresso machine. The machine doesn’t appear to be made of too much plastic, which clarifies the extra weight.

-Excellent Quality Stainless Steel: Yes, it is made of 100% stainless steel, including the housing, grid, and drip tray as well. This gives it a lovely look that will gel well with modern kitchen design trend sporting steel counters and cupboards.

-Controls:The Silvia features rocker switches. It has no displays and is non-programmable. However, it does include a back pressure valve for relief and safety. That and the burn-out protection are plus points.

-Pod Adaptability: The coffee filter is capable of work with a pod adapter, unlike many coffee machines out there. Set in chrome and plated in brass, it has both single and double-shot capacity for the filter basket.

-Steam Wand: This part is made from stainless steel but sports no adapter for frothing. Height off your counter is approximately four inches, which is standard height. Some might seek a bit higher. Frother length comes to 3 and ½ inches.

-Very Durable Brass Boiler: The boiler is a very crucial part of any espresso machine. You’ll want this to be a reliable and long-lasting one. The Silvia houses a brass boiler that runs with 953 W and has a 12 ounce volume. Being manufactures entirely of brass means that it’s more durable compared to regular steel or aluminum boilers that most machines consist of.

Considering it’s a machine from a popular company like Rancilio, it’s quite cheap and affordable. Ranging in the vicinity of $700 to $750, this product’s price is appealing for those on a tight budget. The Silvia Espresso Machine is at the lower end of the Rancilio line in terms of cost and is a part of their ‘Home’ line. It’s a much better idea to snag yourself the cheapest home in the good neighborhood than a less costly one in a bad suburb. Makes sense? You know what we mean.

The Rancilio machine houses a big reservoir for water with a capacity of 74 ounces. The removable top and hot water dispenser are two added features that just add to the convenience of using this coffee machine. The machine comes with a 1-cup filter, 2-cup filter, measuring scoop, and coffee tamper.

The features of this machine are quite typical for something in this price range and style. What makes it different from other coffee machines is Rancilio’s thought for customer ease that goes into the design and details. Many of its users appreciate the option of adding an Easy-to-serve pod kit. This adds another dimension to this product that other machines don’t offer.

Rancilio Silvia V3 Review

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RSVP Terry’s TamperFor this machine, a Terry’s Tamper is recommended for optimal use and brewing ability.

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Honestly, this espresso machine has got almost everything going for it, including the price, which is hard to come by with a quality brand like Rancilio. Great customer service, quality looks, and simple operations are a few to note. Reviews on this Rancilio machine prove that this is one espresso machine that is unlikely to disappoint those that are very particular about their coffee. From this reviewer, anyway, that’s great praise indeed.

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