real italian espresso coffee maker

By | October 13, 2014

real italian espresso coffee maker

La Pavoni Professional PBB-16 Espresso Machine

This is one of the best espresso machines in its class, but it does take great skill to use, making it a worthy purchase for true espresso enthusiasts!

real italian espresso coffee maker

real italian espresso coffee maker

Our Review

If you’re someone who prefers the extraordinary to the ordinary, you’ll love the La Pavoni Professional PBB-16 Espresso Machine. Unlike other espresso machines that have boxy exteriors, the Professional PBB-16 looks like a traditional espresso maker that the elite coffeehouses would have had years ago. It’s fairly petite in size and omits the standard box-style designs of today’s coffee and espresso machines, replacing it with an old-fashioned steam pressure tank and foam extension. With perfect espresso machine reviews, the Professional PBB-16 is one machine worth checking out.

Key Features

The Professional PBB-16 is capable of making one or two cups of espresso at once, has 1000-watts of power and nickel plated, solid brass boilers. The machine also has a dual frothing cappuccino system and internal thermostat for controlling pressure and extracting the most flavor. Since these coffee and espresso machines use steam pressure, there is no pump to worry about, which makes for quieter operation and less maintenance. Best of all, the Professional PBB-16 is made in Italy.

The Pros

The espresso machine reviews say it all: The Professional PBB-16 is an exceptional espresso maker that operates like a professional machine. It has well-constructed parts like brass boilers and internal thermostats as well as 1000-watts of power. Since these espresso machines don’t have external housing, the machine is much quieter in its operation and offers a smaller footprint. Current owners of the product love its uniqueness and the way it blends seamlessly into all types of decors.

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The Cons

Even though the reviews on this product are exceptionally high, everyone agrees that the Professional PBB-16 is, well, for the professionals. You need to use the very best coffee beans and exercise great skill and accuracy to master the machine. For those that are familiar this hobby, you understand how in-depth and detailed it can be. This machine will require these skills even more than other espresso machines on the market, which may be frustrating to those who don’t have the time to give. Some people feel that for a similar price, you can purchase an automatic machine that does the work for you and produces the same results.


For less money, you can try out the Gaggia 11400 Achille Lever-Operated Espresso Machine that has the same traditional appeal. It has a lot of neat features like a single- and double-shot filter basket, ESE filter basket and chrome-plated brass portafilters. The machine has received less favorable espresso machine reviews compared to the Professional PBB-16, however. If money isn’t a concern, the La Pavoni PPG-16 is almost identical to the Professional PBB-16, except that it is gold plated and features rosewood handles for added appeal. It’s an absolute beauty, even compared to the best espresso machines out there.

Final Verdict

As long as you have the time and patience to devote to using this machine, you’ll absolutely love the La Pavoni Professional PBB-16. This is one of the best espresso machines in its class, but it does take great skill to use, making it a worthy purchase for true espresso enthusiasts and not beginners. Experimenting with it will be a joy, and you’ll love having a retro work of art to be a conversation starter in your kitchen.

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Price: $1,099.00 buy now, or more info

Espresso shot with La Pavoni video:

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