replacement coffee pots

By | May 15, 2013

replacement coffee pots

People who have coffee makers that have glass coffee carafes will, at some point, need replacement coffee pots. It’s not that people are careless, it’s just that with constant use and fast paced lives, coffee pots sometimes are dropped accidentally, placed by mistake in either the microwave or the dishwasher when they shouldn’t be, mishandled or just plain carelessly forgotten about. It is not as easy to find replacement coffee pots as it is to find coffee makers themselves.

There is a process you need to follow in order to get the exact coffee pot you need, with the right make and model. Furthermore, there is now an entire industry devoted to supplying various brands of just white coffee pots, and black coffee pots, separately. Other suppliers try and convince you to purchase a one-size-fits-all coffee pot. They claim that if you buy their particular make and model of replacement coffee pot, you don’t need to get the coffee pot of your coffee maker’s particular brand.

replacement coffee pots

Krups also features black replacement coffee pots which goes with models 452 and 453 in particular, and also models 134,137, 141, 164 and 165. These are all twelve-cup coffee makers made in Mexico, hand-wash only with the lid not included. You are in luck if your particular carafe fits the description. If you don’t, however, you will have to find a way to get the carafe size you need. You can do this by browsing and inquiring in manufacturers’ websites, online auctions, where you may be able to find some at half the price, and other online appliance stores.

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Medelco is a manufacturer that creates a ‘one all’ brand of replacement coffee carafes which are universal. This manufacturer claims to manufacture replacement coffee carafes which are truly universal. Six of their carafes fits ninety percent of any brand coffee maker today, including pause and serve models. This company also sells filters that fit all coffee makers which use standard filters.

There are replacement coffee pots out in the market today which are sometimes more expensive than buying an entirely new coffee maker. You need to look out for these, and take note to canvas for price first before making a final purchase.

Cuisinart features white replacement coffee pots which comes in the ten-cup models. This carafe is made of glass and is not washable in the dishwasher. Many of the newer coffee maker models are starting to come out with stainless steel coffee pots. In my opinion, these are much better than having fragile glass pots lying around as you hustle and bustle each workday morning. Stainless steel has an advantage over glass coffee pots for the obvious reason that these don’t break. However, the disadvantage is that you can’t see within the stainless steel coffee pots and will need to guess if all the coffee debris is truly out. Also, you can’t eye ball the coffee pot from a distance and see how much coffee you have left, with stainless steel coffee pots.bunn coffee urn

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