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jura espresso machines
Jura Espresso Machines

Great for home or office, Jura elevates the bean-to-cup experience. With the touch of a button, this line of Swiss engineered coffee centers offers individually brewed coffee, espresso or cappuccino into your waiting cup. And you won’t have to wait long since a Jura smart coffee center can grind, tamp, brew and self-clean in less than sixty seconds.

Fill the hopper with your favorite whole bean coffee and relish the fresh taste from a Jura “never-move-the-cup-one-touch” that beats plastic coffee capsules or paper espresso pods hands down.

Almost as famous and surely as delicious as Swiss chocolate, Jura offers the finest Automatic Coffee Centers worldwide. Jura AG was founded in 1931 in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland by Leo Henzirohs. With innovative and user friendly features such as One Touch Cappuccino buttons, easy to read LED displays, space and energy saving innovations, the Impressa and ENA models offer a level of sophistication and high-end design not found anywhere else. In 2002, Jura and Capresso joined forces to offer innovative coffee makers, coffee grinders, and espresso machines as well as water kettles. Jura became sole owner of Capresso in 2008.

Also, did you know in Switzerland that Jura is pronounced ‘ura’? The ‘J’ is silent. However you say it, Jura makes a great espresso!
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Equipment Specialties

The Jura Impressa and ENA lines primarily focus on super-automatics for home and office that are still manufactured in Switzerland today. The Capresso division of Jura offers quality coffee makers and entry-level manual espresso machines.

Product Features
Long-time Swiss experience: First in line to carry super-automatic espresso machines, Jura has a long time history of creating reliable machines as well as keeping pace with the latest technologies.
Built to last: Seattle Coffee Gear repair center can vouch for the fact that we have only had a small amount of customers call in with repair problems on their machines, proving that they are well built and long lasting for years of carefree use.
Highly Automated: With the push of a button you can prepare a multitude of authentic coffee beverages. According to coffee experts, their high pressure brewed coffee extracts more flavor and aroma than any other coffee brewing technique. Jura products are targeted towards the most discerning coffee drinkers.

Top Jura Espresso Machines

Jura ENA 9 Espresso Machine

Jura IMPRESSA XS90 Espresso Machine ✓ ️️amazon link

Jura Impressa S9 Espresso Machine

Jura IMPRESSA J6 Espresso Machine

Jura Impressa C5 Espresso Machine

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