review of bunn coffee makers

By | September 22, 2013

review of bunn coffee makers

The Bunn BX, GRX, and the NHBX coffee maker video.

bunn coffee maker review

bunn a10 pour-o-matic coffee brewer

List Price: $247.88

• Quickly brews two to eight 6-ounce cups per batch
• Attractive, space-saving to fit any counter.
• Keep-warm function; preheats water for tea or other beverages
• Includes 2 packages of filters, deliming spring, and instruction manual
• Measures 14-1/4 by 6-3/4 by 13-1/2 inches; 1-year product warranty, 3-year limited service warranty

The Bunn A10 is a commercial unit which can produce up to 11 liters of coffee an hour and which is also a favorite with many people for use at home. With a very attractive and space saving design, this unit\’s stainless steel construction also makes it very durable.



Bunn\’s A10 uses a patented brewing system which holds water in a reservoir at just the right temperature and then showers the ground coffee using a spray head so that the floating grounds leach the maximum flavor into your brew. The unit\’s pre-heating reservoir tank also makes the Bunn A10 perfect for simply supplying hot water for tea and other beverages.

The unit also features a warmer with its own separate control which can accommodate a 6 cup glass decanter.

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The Bunn A10 is a versatile coffee maker which is ideal for many small businesses and for general office use, but it can also make a perfect home coffee brewer if your consumption is high enough.

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Eight out of ten customers say that they are very happy with their purchase and comment in particular on its quality and durability. Many buyers also say that it is both easy and trouble-free to operate and produces a consistently high quality brew.

There are not many negative comments around when it comes to the Bunn A10, although a few people say that it is a little bit noisy, doesn\’t make strong enough coffee or doesn\’t keep the coffee hot enough. Of course all of these comments are purely subjective and, if you ask enough users, you will get the same comments with any coffee maker.

If you want a coffee maker for your office, for a communal setting like a club, or for a busy household with an above-average coffee consumption then the Bunn A10 Pour-O-Matic coffee maker could very well be the perfect choice.

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