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By | March 9, 2017

Saeco Espresso Machines

Saeco is one of the biggest brands for coffee machines in the world. The parent company of Saeco is Philips. In 1999 Saeco bought the historic brand Geggia and right now they have a big share of this industry.

The company was found in 1981 by Sergio Zappella and Arthur Schmed. In 1985 they made the first completely automatic coffee machine for the home named “Superautomatica”. And now years later they are still making one of the best products in this industry and continue to integrate new features into their machines.

In 1994 they equipped a coffee machine with cup warmer for the first time.
In 1996 in their machine for the first time appears a cappuccinatore which makes milk froth.
in 1998 they used for first time the Saeco pre-brewing technology which extracts more aroma from the coffee by moistening the ground coffee before the actual brewing.
In 2004 they make the first bean to cup machine with touch screen interface.
In 2008 they made a green step by lunching machines with auto stand-by mode. Consuming less than 1W/h
In 2009 they made another step in forward in terms of user-friendliness with their intuitive user menu.
In 2010 they lunched the Xelsis Digital ID which recognizes you via fingerprint recognition.

In the modern Saeco espresso machines you can adjust pretty much every aspect of your coffee drink creation. Adjusting the length of coffee, strength of coffee, brewing pressure, how thin your grinder to grind coffee beans, temperature of coffee, pre-brewing settings, milk length and milk foam.

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So Saeco is a brand with a lot history in this industry. Then know everything about coffee machines and most importantly they know how to make their customers happy. Then know which features are valued and how to make the price as affordable as possible so their product can make it to every home around the world.

saeco coffee machines

Here are some of the most popular models today:

Saeco Xelsis (product page)

  • 6 user profiles.
  • All features available.
  • Drinks which can be made with this machine: Ristretto, Espresso, Caffè lungo, Espresso macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, Frothed milk, Caffè latte

Saeco Exprelia (product page)

  • Perfect Expresso
  • Espresso technology: Saeco adapting system, Aroma-system: pre-brewing, SBS: creme adaptorMulti-Beverage
  • Milk Variations: Integrated auto milk function, Milk quantity selector, Removable milk carafeEasy to use
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Automatic coffee circuit rinse, Automatic milk circuit rinse, Descaling cycle

Saeco Aroma – This is one of the simplest models but it still makes wonderful coffee. It also looks very strong and is very possible to work properly for many, many years. Saeco Intelia – Drinks which can be made with this machine: Ristretto, Espresso, Cappuccino

Saeco Incanto

  • SBS
  • Panarello
  • Ceramic grinders
  • Water filter
  • Rapid-Steam®Technology

Saeco Odeo Go

  • No Opti-Dose
  • Pre-brewing technology

Saeco Odeo Giro

  • Opti-Dose
  • Pre-brewing technology

Saeco Royal Professional Specifications:

  • Drip tray material: Plastic
  • Dypass doser
  • Opti Dose: 6 – 9 g
  • Bean container: 300 g
  • Removable water tank: 2.4 lt
  • Dreg drawer: 30
  • Pressure: 15 bar
  • Frothing: Cappuccinatore and steam wand
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Saeco Syntia Specifications:

  • Rapid Steam / Insta Steam: Rapid Steam (1 boiler)
  • Opti Dose: 7 – 10,5 gr
  • Bean container: 250 gr
  • Removable water tank: 1.2 lt
  • Dreg drawer: 8
  • Pressure: 15 bar
  • Frothing: SS Pannarello


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