Saeco Odea Go

By | April 5, 2017

Saeco Odeo Go and Saeco Odeo Giro are almost the same. They look exactly the same but “Go” is cheaper and doesn’t allow you to adjust the strength of the coffee. It also doesn’t have the Rapid Stream Technology, so it will take longer to switch between steam and brew. The difference in the price is about a hundred dollars.

You can still adjust the length of your coffee from the central rotary knob. Just select how long you want your coffee and press the cup button. You’ll get a fresh shot of coffee. If you want two shots, you just need to quickly press the cup button twice.

Adjustable Ceramic Grinder
You get the adjustable ceramic grinder. This is a great feature of your future coffee machine. It really does matter. It prevents overheating of the beans so they keep their flavor for the actual brewing. It also prevents your coffee from acquiring a metal taste. Do you get that often? It’s a is nuisance. The ceramic grinders also assure long-lasting performance. You will probably never have any problems with them. You can adjust the settings of your grinder to suit your taste, making it coarser for a lighter taste and finer for bolder taste.

Saeco Odea Go
Saeco’s Bean to Cup System
You also get the Bean to Cup System. It basically grinds new coffee beans for your next drink. That way, you get a guaranteed great coffee taste every time you make any beverage. For this, it is very important to have a clean brewing group, which is made really easy by the removable brewing group from Saeco. You’ll have to take 1 minute per week for this. Just pull out the brewing group and spray it down. Simple and easy.

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The Pannarello feature is there for you if you want to make a cappuccino or any latte drink. With Pannarello, you can froth milk as you like. Just dip it in the milk and wait until the milk is as foamy as you like. This is one of the strongest effects of Saeco machines. I personally like this feature a lot. It’s one of the most important things for a good cappuccino. The second most important thing in my opinion is to pour the drink in an already warmed cup. That way, the cappuccino has a nice fragrance. This is also possible with the cup holder on top of this machine where you can store your cups. They will always be heated and it’s a convenient place, ready to be filled with delicious hot drinks.

Do you like your coffee in a tall cup? If you do, you’ve probably had problems with other machines where you simply can’t put the cup underneath the coffee dispenser because there is no space. With this machine, you can adjust the drip tray and will never have this problem again.

The design of the machine is great too. I love it. It will look nice in your kitchen. And it’s not just a good looking design; it’s also designed for easy use. Everything is right where you expect it to be and nothing is hidden. Also, it’s very easy to clean. This machine will serve you and you don’t have to serve it. It is a little bit noisy, but only when you brew your cups. You can get over it if you receive very good coffee for pennies.

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You should bear in mind that the first few brews will not end with the best possible coffee from this machine. It needs to work for a while, and after that you will start to drink amazingly good coffee.

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