saeco vienna coffee machine

By | April 19, 2014

saeco vienna coffee machine

Saeco 4045 Vienna Plus 15-Bar-Pump Superautomatic Espresso

saeco 4045 vienna plus

saeco 4045 vienna plus

The technology behind the Saeco 4045 Vienna Plus provides an easy to use machine capable of making cappuccino, espresso, latte or tea. The machine comes equipped with a grinder that not only adjusts the fineness of the bean grind, but the machine additionally allows consumers to gauge the amount of grinds used to make each cup of coffee.

A removable, pump operated Pannarello wand froths milk for cappuccinos and lattes or emits steaming water for making hot chocolate or tea. The control panel features the coffee button, a knob that adjusts the amount of coffee dispensed and the steam button. The panel also contains a temperature ready function light, steam temperature light and a power on light.

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Product Pros

Exceeding more expensive espresso machine reviews, the Italian made Saeco provides coffee bar quality espresso quickly, as the machine automatically moves from grinding and tamping to brewing and dispensing. A button on the front door panel provides easy access to the brew group, which makes cleaning and general maintenance simpler.

The 57-ounce water reservoir also removes for easy filling. The dispensing spout height additionally adjusts for different sized cups. The machine conveniently holds up to 0.5 pounds of beans at one time. Variable control settings enable consumers the option of making everything from rich, thicker espresso to a conventional cup of coffee.

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saeco vienna coffee

saeco vienna coffee

Product Cons

Plastic comprises the overall body unlike other espresso machine reviews that boast a metal exterior. The machine generates a fair amount of noise during the grinding process and if grinding the beans too fine, water does not flow through the machine properly.

Using flavored or oily beans creates a paste that also inhibits the brewing process. Consumers usually need to make variable adjustments between the amounts of grind and water flow before acquiring the desired coffee strength.

Should You Buy this Product?

The user-friendly technology combined with the speed of the entire espresso process, which takes under five minutes from warm-up, grind and dispensing espresso, are attractive features of this machine. The Saeco produces a quality espresso with a layer of rich crema that rivals retail coffee shops.

Consumers interested in saving money in the long run do well to make their own cappuccinos and lattes. The versatility of the machine for making other hot beverages also adds to the espresso machine reviews of the product. Whether for everyday use or entertaining purposes, the Saeco proves a worthy investment.

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Crew Review: Saeco Vienna Plus

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