Single Serve Coffee Maker And Me

By | October 28, 2015


Often times when it’s later in the day you may want an extra cup of coffee to keep you going, in those times a single serve coffee maker is the obvious solution. Most of us get up in the morning looking forward to that first cup of coffee, of that magical elixir that helps us to open our eyes and get ready for the challenges and opportunities of a new day.

We turn on our coffee pot and take in that sweet aroma while we wait, eagerly anticipating that first cup. In those early mornings our coffee pot is our perfect companion as we have a cup or two, sometimes even three. But at other times a whole pot of coffee is simply not the best solution, in fact when we’re craving just a single cup it makes very little sense to turn on the coffee pot and go through all of that effort for just one cup. So in these moments, when a cup of coffee will help us to overcome that final hurdle and get through the rest of our day, a single serve coffee maker is the obvious solution(like Breville which I am using now on daily basis).

For centuries coffee has been used by many cultures seeking to take advantage of the energizing effects that it provides. Fighting off fatigue and improving alertness are an added bonus to it’s rich flavor and aroma. Coffee has been enjoyed by countless millions and will obviously continue to be a favorite drink for many of us. Coffee shops seem to be on every corner, and there are now more coffee flavored drinks than can easily be counted. In an age where the consumer demands more choices coffee has evolved to keep pace with the other alternative caffeinated drinks such as energy drinks and soda. With the evolution of flavors so to has come newer, better, and more convenient ways to enjoy our favorite drink. First the home coffee pot, and more recently the single serve coffee maker.

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With it’s rich flavor and history of enjoyment by many cultures for centuries it’s clear that coffee will remain an important part of our society for years to come. In fact to be honest I can’t see many of us making it through the day without a few cups. For many of us time is a valuable commodity that cannot be wasted, but at the same time if we don’t remain alert and active then no matter how much time we have we will likely fail in our endeavors. Trying to succeed at our jobs while exhausted just isn’t possible, we need to have a clear head in order to work to our fullest potential.

Given the time crunch that most of us feel at work, and in our personal lives, it’s inconceivable to think that we will have the time to stop and properly rest. This of course leaves us with one solution: a cup of coffee. So in those moments when you feel you’ve gotten to a point where you simply cannot go on, use a single serve coffee maker and enjoy an invigorating cup of joe.

Breville BKC700xl Single Serve Coffee Maker My Review

breville gourmet single cup coffee maker

breville gourmet single cup coffee maker

Breville bkc700xl single serve coffee maker makes every coffee taste perfect. With this, you may stop brewing your coffee in a pot to prevent your beverage from having a bitter taste.

It is designed with quiet pump technology that brews coffee quieter than any other coffee makers out there. It is not only perfect for coffee alone because you may prepare cold drinks with this unit, too.

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Its filtering system works effectively in purifying your beverages.



The Features:

Here are the desirable features of Breville bkc700xl single serve coffee maker.

  • Has 1500-watt power output
  • Measures 10in x 13.2in x 13in
  • Weighs 16.5 pounds
  • LCD control panel
  • ​Digital clock
  • Automatic on and off feature​
  • It has five cup sizes
  • It has a removable 60-ounce water tank
  • Iced-beverage function
  • Has a sample pack of reusable My K-Cup, measuring spoon, and K-Cup coffee pods

The Good
  • Easy to use
  • It has the capability to brew only the freshest coffee for you in less time
  • You may select among the five cup sizes brewing size options
  • It allows customization when it comes to its programmable features
  • Brews quietly unlike other coffee makers
  • Has filtration system that reduces impurities for maximum drink flavor
The Bad
  • Dispenses very little amount of water
  • Poor design
  • Faulty water pump

Breville bkc700xl coffee maker is specially made for:

  • Personal or home use
  • Office use
  • Whether hot or cold beverages
  • People who love to experiment their drinks
  • All occasions and all places

Breville bkc700xl home brewing system is really the best choice for a more flavorful drink. You may use it to prepare iced tea or hot coffee for family and friends. You may use it whenever and wherever you want. It is not too heavy to bring for picnics or other recreational activities. It is always perfect for dinner times. It is safe and easy to use, so your kids may use it too, but make sure that they know how to manipulate its control panel.

I know I couldn’t survive a day without my coffee maker and I’m sure a lot of you think the same list of 5 Best Coffee Makers

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