small coffee maker

By | May 20, 2013

Small Coffee Maker

When making a decision to purchase a small coffee maker, you need to take into consideration that less size means less performance or less durability. Small coffee makers have all the features of a large coffee makers but work best for small counter spaces in small kitchens. If you live alone, this works best as well. This also works well if you want a spare coffee maker in your guest house, home office or corporate office.

An under-cabinet type of small coffee maker is great for someone who lives in a studio type apartment and has little or no counter space. These types of coffee makers are made to be placed under a cabinet and are ideal for a recreational vehicle, a camper, an apartment or in your home. These types come in a variety of models and colors and you can choose a great color scheme to match your cabinets.

A small coffee saver also comes in a type known as the space saver. It is similar to the average counter top type but is made to accommodate space challenges. These come in a variety of cup size, from a one-cup to a twelve-cup capacity but takes up less square inches on a counter, but come with much less bulk than the regular small coffee makers.

A small coffee maker that is personal comes in just the one-cup size. It comes with its own thermal mug which is spill-proof and therefore, transportable. This is great for a brew-and-go lifestyle where you need to bring your coffee with you as you drive to work.

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Coffee makers that are not very big also come with either their own permanent filter baskets or you might need to buy your own paper filters. Some coffee makers that are in a handy size have a built-in timer which sets up the coffee maker up to twenty-four hours ahead of time. This is great for those who love to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing. The only down side is that you do expose the coffee grinds to up to twenty-four hours of air, which does affect coffee flavor to a certain extent. This is where coffee pods come in. Coffee pods are great for large of small coffee makers with timers since the grinds are trapped inside an enclosed or sealed paper filter, making it less exposed to air, thus retaining better flavor.

Some small coffee makers come with a pause and serve feature. The pause and serve feature lets you pull out the carafe of coffee even as the brewing is going on, to serve some of the coffee that has already been brewed, and resumes brewing once you return the carafe of coffee into its compartment.

Another feature you should look out for in your purchase of a small coffee maker is the automatic shut off. An automatic shut-off feature shuts off your small coffee maker automatically a couple of hours after the coffee has completed its brew. These are great for busy schedules which cause you to forget to shut anything off, much less your coffee maker.

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