stumptown coffee beans

By | April 18, 2014

stumptown coffee beans

Stumptown Holler Mountain Beans. Perfect Flavor Extraction When Brewed With A Vacuum Coffee Maker

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a small independent coffee company that started it Roots in Portland Oregon, and has expanded to NYC, Amsterdam, and my hometown Seattle. Recently, I’ve been buying Stumptown beans at the local Whole Foods market and stumbled on to what may be the best blend of coffee I’ve ever brewed in my vacuum coffee maker. The blend is called Holler Mountain. Holler Mountain blend coffee is a rich dark blend, or as the package describes “syrupy”. The flavor is very complex, Stumptown describes is flavor as a mix of blackberry, raw tobacco, and toffee.

stumptown coffee beans

stumptown coffee beans


I’ve brewed Holler Mountain with both an automatic drip coffee maker and a Bodum Santos vacuum coffee maker. The results were astonishing. The vacuum coffee maker brought out the full spectrum of flavor from the fine Holler Mountain beans.

Sadly the drip coffee maker produced just an “ok” cup of coffee.

My suspicion is the vacuum coffee maker brews at the optimum temperature of 198 degrees plus or minus. This is the optimum temperature for full extraction of flavor, and the reason most auto drip coffee machines fail because they’re brewing in the 160-180 degree range.

The other thing that really impresses me with Stumptown coffee, and I’ve tried several of their roasts, is the roasted on dating. On the bottom of each bag they print the date the coffee was roasted. When purchasing at Whole Foods in Seattle, this date is always within 4 days or so. On occasion coffee can be purchased that was roasted that very day!

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Stumptown beans, weather you’re in Portland, New York, Amsterdam, or Seattle are second to none and not to be missed so be sure to check them out.

With syphon coffee maker , you never have to worry about sediment, which easily ruins good coffee.

stumptown coffee video:

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