Tassimo Coffee Maker: Pros vs. Cons

By | June 24, 2014

The Tassimo Coffee Maker (made by Braun) is one of the popular choices among today’s single cup coffee makers.
Tassimo Coffee Maker Features

braun tassimo ta 1400

braun tassimo ta 1400

Brews drinks in about a minute
Drink types include: coffee, tea, espresso, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, and lattes Gourmet Tassimo Coffee Maker
Customizable strength settings
Adjustable cup stand accommodates various cup sizes
Easy to clean: most of the movable parts are dishwasher-safe
Capable of customizing the strength of each beverage to your taste
Extra-large removable 68-ounce water tank
Patented T-Disc system barcode technology
UL approved
Dimensions: 10x15x16 inches
Weighs: 7.5 lbs.
2-year limited warranty
Tassimo Coffee Maker Model TA1400 pictured on right

Retail Price Range
The Tassimo TA1400 Single Cup Coffee Maker costs $170 retail (Tassimo 1200 is $130)
T-Discs costs 77? direct from Tassimo, although price varies with brand and retail store – several places offer them online, including Amazon.

Tassimo Advantages over other Single Cup Brewers:

Extra-large 68 oz. water tank – larger than pod brewers (most around 40 oz.) and Keurig’s B70 60 oz. tank.
Unique bar-code brews exactly to beverage specifications: Water temperature, brew time and water amount
Unique Inverse filtration – water is pumped upwards instead of downwards as in conventional machines allowing for efficient coffee extraction.

What are T-Discs?

What is unique about the Tassimo compared to other gourmet singleTassimo T-Disc Gourmet Coffee cup coffee makers is the T-Disc (Tassimo Disc). When you insert a T-Disc, the machine reads the bar code printed on the label. It automatically calculates the amount of water needed, brewing time, and temperature to prepare your beverage.

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T-Discs are made only for Tassimo brewers and you only can use T-Discs in Tassimo brewers. So the Tassimo is the the least flexible out of all the single cup brewers as far as coffee choices. They also cost the most out of the 3 delivery options of single cup brewers (pods, K-Cups and T-Discs).

T-Disc Pros:

Airtight sealed container keep coffee fresh
Unique bar-code brews exactly to beverage specifications: Water temperature, brew time and water amount
Gourmet coffee, tea and hot cocoa varieties including Gevalia, Starbucks, Tazo and Twinings
Can make expressos and frothy, cafe-like Cappuccinos and Lattes made with real milk T-Discs unlike powdered milk pods. The milk T-Discs are ultra-pasteurized and need no refrigeration.
Easy to use, easy to dispose

T-Disc Cons:

T-Discs can only be used in Tassimo brewers
Is the most expensive of the 3 coffee delivery vessel options -77? compared to 35? for pods and 55? for K-Cups
Can only be purchased online or at a limited number of retail stores such as Target
More wasteful than pods due to plastic housing
Not as many varieties to choose from compared to Pods and K-Cups

The Effects Of Coffee On The Body

Braun Tassimo Demonstration – making cappuccino

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