The Benefits of the Single Cup Coffee Maker

By | June 4, 2014

The Benefits of the Single Cup Coffee Maker

coffee lover
Everyone in my family and co-workers know how much I love my coffee. I am not just the occasional or one – cup coffee drinkers. I literally drink coffee almost all day long. I know that probably is not the healthiest of things, but everyone has their bad habits. Regardless, that does not mean that I avoid the single cup coffee maker. In fact, I consider it the best thing ever invented because I use mine that much! Below are some of the things I really like about mine.

First off, it eliminates wastefulness. I have to go to the office five days a week. At the same time, just a few years ago I would get up and create a whole pot of coffee before jumping into the shower. The problem was that I am the only one who drinks coffee in my house most of the time. So I would drink my one or two cups in the morning, but the rest would be going down the drain. Being someone who recycles on a regular basis, I simply hate wastefulness. The single cup coffee maker fixed this problem.

Secondly, it quickly started saving me money. As mentioned above, I had a lot of money going down the drain, literally. Now days, I simply turn on my single cup coffee maker and in return I have just the right amount of coffee to start the day. No longer do I allow any of it to go down the drain. I would say on average I am spending several dollars less per week in coffee expenses than I had beforehand. This allows me the opportunity to spend that money elsewhere, which is something I definitely like to have as an option!

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coffee lover

The benefits are also that the single cup coffee maker is far simpler than any other old coffee maker I have used. I have small packets that have my beans and things in them and I simply fill up my single cup coffee maker with them, turn it on, and in just a few minutes I have some wonderful tasting coffee. Not only that, but I consider it far less dangerous to use.

I have had more than a few scares of almost spilling lava temperature coffee on me as I would try to pour it into a cup. The single cup coffee maker gives me the right amount in the cup without the need to move it from one container to another. It eliminates most of the risk of me hurting myself, which in these days it seems to be pretty common.

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