The Finest Super Automatic Espresso Maker from Italy

By | September 19, 2013
The Finest Super Automatic Espresso Maker from Italy
super automatic espresso machines reviews

super automatic espresso machines reviews

Summary of the kind of features which can be found on these “best of the best” super automatic espresso makers:

An Easy to Read and Understand LCD Display

The LCD display on this super automatic espresso machine will show you in plain English what is going on with the machine, and even what needs to be carried out, including adding water, adding coffee beans, or emptying the dump container.

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All Ready for the Next Shot

An additional function which is programmable and that will begin grinding espresso beans in readiness for your next shot while you are brewing your current shot. The machine is ready again when you are.

Pre-Moistening the Ground Coffee is the Secret to Great Coffee

This feature will slightly pre-moisten the grounds ahead of brewing. This enables the fragrant and flavorful oils to begin leaching from the coffee.

Controlling the Water Temperature

If you like your espresso piping hot then you can get it piping hot! You can adjust the water temperature to however hot or cool you like. Please note that espresso is typically brewed at a lower temperature than ordinary drip coffee, so don’t turn it up too much.

How Much Ground Coffee to Make an Espresso

This feature helps you to “fine tune” your espresso drinks. By altering the amount of grounds used for each espresso shot you are able to control the robustness and flavor of your espresso.

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Adjust the Grinder Settings

This is often an additional method to fine-tune the taste of your espresso. This function permits you to adjust exactly how fine, or how coarse, you grind your coffee beans. If you happen to grind your coffee too fine you will usually get a coffee which may be bitter; if you grind it too coarse the end result will be a weak cup of coffee.

Does Somebody Want Decaf?

This is a really practical feature of this super automatic espresso machine. It will allow you to make a cup of espresso using pre-ground coffee beans (maybe decaf for instance) by putting the grounds into the “by-pass” tube.

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best pump espresso machine


Always Brew Directly Into a Warm Cup

You must never brew a shot of espresso directly into a cold cup. always into a warm cup. Considering the fact that espresso is brewed at a lower temperature than drip coffee, brewing into a cold cup will result in your coffee being, maybe, cooler than you would like it.

Double Boilers Are the Way to Go

If you have a double boiler system, and you are creating a cappuccino (for example) you will never need to wait (while your espresso cools off) for the system to re-heat sufficiently to generate steam to froth your milk. That means quicker and hotter lattes and cappuccinos!

Just the Right Amount of Water

This particular feature allows you to automatically control the volume of water which will be used in making whatever kind of coffee drink you will be making, from an espressos to a crema.

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Why I Love and Can Recommend the Gaggia Platinum Vision Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Exactly where was espresso “conceived of”? Italy! So where do you believe the very best espresso machines are made? That’s right, Italy! The Italians have perfected both the art and science of making the perfect shot of espresso. Milan, Italy, is home to the manufacturing facilities of Gaggia S.p.A, where Italian craftsmen and craftswomen make and build these superb super automatic espresso machines. Espresso enthusiasts themselves. This machine hails from exactly the same country that engineers and makes the worlds highest quality and most expensive sports cars. An espresso maker that is fully automatic – The Ferrari of espresso machines!

One touch and your pre-programmed super automatic espresso machine begins the brewing process using coffee from freshly ground beans. Within an impressively short time you will be sipping a satisfying, rich espresso coffee topped with a gloriously thick crema, exactly the way the Italians make it. Perfect each and every time. Just like you would get it in Italy. Within minutes you’re all ready to leave to work or play. You can be already enjoying your daily cappuccino and you didn’t have to wait in line, and you’re no longer drinking from a paper cup! Cappuccinos and lattes just seem to taste much better whenever you don’t have to contend with throngs of people and lines.
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