thermo glass

By | July 15, 2013

thermo glass

Bodum Pavina Thermo Glass Review

thermo glass

thermo glass

There are plenty of ways to serve espresso drinks. You can pretty much put them in anything, but when you spend a lot of money on an espresso machine you want to serve it in the best. While there are a lot of espresso mugs out there, you really can’t go wrong with the Bodum Pavina Thermo Glasses, which effortlessly combine form and function to give you something that remains cool to the touch, keeps your drinks warm, and looks great while doing both.


The Bodum Thermo glasses are from Bodum’s line of double walled glass coffee and espresso glasses. They do their job incredibly well, and actually insulate the espresso so it stays warm longer and doesn’t burn your hand when you hold the cup. These glasses are individually blown out of borosilicate (strong) glass, so each one is individually a little different, although I haven’t found any noticeable differences between mine.

They are also slightly different from the previous Bodum espresso glasses in that they have small stoppers on the bottom that plug up a small hole left from making the glass, which some reviewers mentioned had a tendency to fall off in a dishwasher. Given how delicate all double walled glasses are, I would never recommend risking breakage by washing them in a dishwasher when it’s incredibly easy to wash them by hand, and doing this will extend the life of the glasses dramatically.

thermo glass

thermo glass

The most important part about the construction is the insulation. If you’ve ever tried to drink espresso or coffee out of any single-walled glass I’m sure you’ve probably felt how hot they can get; with the Pavina Thermo glasses you don’t feel any of that. The most heat that I felt was when I initially poured an espresso shot into a glass that I was holding and it felt about as hot as if I was warming my hands near a fire; you feel that there is something warm, but there is definitely a noticeable barrier between you and the steaming hot liquid in the glass.

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The glasses are extremely delicate, don’t get me wrong, but they are no more delicate than a set of wine glasses or any other type of fine glassware. If your idea of cleaning your espresso glass is tossing it into a sink half full of water from five feet away, then these glasses probably aren’t for you, but if you don’t throw them around like they’re made of plastic, you should have no problem with breaking one.


Just because a glass works well doesn’t mean it has to look nice, but fortunately Bodum has designed these glasses to look beautiful and function exceptionally well. They’re really impressive whether you’re using them at the office, to impress your friends, or just to have your morning espresso.

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One interesting thing that I noticed about using these glasses was that I really went out of my way to try and make better espresso after buying a set of Thermo glasses, mostly because drinking bad espresso out of these seemed like I was doing them a disservice.


If you’re going to be making high quality espresso, then you should have high quality glasses to match. The Bodum Pavina Thermo line doesn’t put form over function, it does both exceptionally well.
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