Tips on Brewing Coffee

By | May 31, 2014

The entire coffee brewing process plays an important role in the taste of your coffee.

tips on brewing coffee
Poor processing will eventually result in the inferior taste of your brew, so it is vital to make a premium effort in ensuring that brewing does not distort the quality of your product.

Here are just a few things to remember so as to achieve quality results:

First, remember that there are five main factors that affect the quality of the brewed coffee, namely:

Particle-water ratio,

The size of the particle…

The temperature of water…

The time of exposure and also the amount of stirring done.

For example the ideal proportion for filter coffee brew is 2 tbsp. for 6 oz. of water, more or less according to taste.

Particle size also plays a vital role as the finer the particles, the better its exposure to water, thus making the taste of coffee more disperse throughout the solution, so a good quality burr grinder should be used.

Water temperature is also important, preferably 198-204 degree Fahrenheit, as it dissolves the floating particles more effectively at these rate, giving you that true taste of coffee.

The ideal exposure time of coffee particles to the water is roughly 4 minutes, longer than that and your coffee will become bitter and a shorter time will result in a bland, tasteless coffee.

The amount of stirring also adds up to the flavor, as it further speeds up the dissolving of the particles in the coffee brewing process.

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With these in mind, it is important to remember that it is ideal to grind the beans prior to coffee brewing as the coffee powder and their extracts are still fresh.

Also take note to use only good quality water in the process, as impurities will affect the taste of your brew.

Rinse the paper filters of your brewing machines with hot water so as to wash out the flavor of paper before making your coffee.

One should also remember to preheat the brewing equipment before putting in your ground coffee. This will help maintain the heat and even make the machine more efficient in making your favorite coffee giving rise to a fine flavor. And talking about coffee machines, keep them clean at all times as residues might affect the overall constitution of your brews.

Avoid exposure to air and moisture as it will oxidize the powder or coffee beans, making it lose its flavor. Put them in air tight containers so as to maintain their freshness and taste.

Keep these things in mind during your coffee brewing and you are assured of great tasting cups all the time!

brew coffee at home

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