4 Cup Coffee Makers: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

By | March 16, 2014

4 Cup Coffee Makers: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Whether for office or home use, 4 cup coffee makers are the ideal coffee makers of choice. Some people may feel otherwise  most likely because past experiences which went awry. Anyway, the whole coffee maker industry is so large so there are definitely  4 cup coffee machines that will catch your eye.

to buy or not to buy coffee makers

to buy or not to buy coffee makers

Previously, not many people are keen to buy 4 cup coffee makers and prefer instead to spend their money on espresso makers. For example, espresso machine review we have come across showed that you can buy some high quality espresso machines at less than $250, which offers a different kind of coffee drinking experience altogether.

Of course there are several other reasons as to why the four cup coffee makers are less popular. For instance, the possibility of spillage problem. But this problem only arises if the machine is poorly designed.

Some brands design the spout poorly which causes coffee to spill when you try to pour it on your mug. Most designs have small spouts. It is advisable to pour slowly but if the consumer is in a hurry, this can be a disaster—burned hand, anyone?

There’s also an extra task for you if the moisture in the coffee basket collects. This moisture can drip on the hot plate so it is better to clean it up if you notice it. It is hardly a big problem but if you have issues when it comes to cleaning, then this maybe a big hassle.

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There are also some brands which have faulty timer features. For those who want to set up the brewing process earlier than usual so that the coffee is ready by the time you wake up, some machines may not be reliable in brewing cup coffee.

These issues may sound minor but they actually contribute to its poor reputation. But then again, as technology improved, so did the 4 cup coffee makers. There are better 4 cup coffee makers nowadays that are worth buying. They are even as good as large brew coffee makers.

The good thing about it is its inexpensive price. So if it is not for commercial purposes, this is worth trying. The best brands in the market today are:

Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

The programmable features of this brand are actually reliable according to those who have tried it. The filter basket also does not make a mess when you need to empty it, quite remarkable for a 4 cup coffee machine. Most customers even say this is a very durable machine.

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cup 4 Cup Coffee Machine

What is great about this is the coffee it makes. The coffee it brews is flavorful, more flavorful than some larger brew coffee makers. It is also easy to clean so you won’t have to make so much fuss out of it.

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Elite Cuisine 4 Cup Pause ‘n Serve Coffee Maker

Consumers love how easy it is to wash. The filter basket is also removable and does not use paper filter. Its compact design is really pleasing to the eye and your counter space.

4 cup coffee makers may have a bad reputation but this is already a thing of the past. It can now compete with more expensive brands out there. So if it is for home or office use, try this kind of coffee maker.

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