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By | December 15, 2015

Commercial coffee makers can brew fast which will lessen your time to wait for your coffee. In fact, these machines are used by shop customers, business employees or even event attendees. The most interesting thing about these units I love is that they can brew a cup or much more coffee pots at the same time and also are made with several warning plates to satisfy a variety of demands of users in busy stores and big offices.
To be honest, choosing a commercial coffee maker is very difficult whereas many manufactures claim their products to work well. That is why I have read and collected all information about how to choose best commercial coffee makers for usage.

How To Choose Best Commercial Coffee Makers?

Take closer look at these points I list below and I think that they are useful for you.

  • How Many People Work In Your Office?

First of all, you should ask yourself that how many there are people in your office? When you can calculate the number of people in your company, you can decide to choose a commercial coffee maker that meets your demand. A typical maker will do about 15 to 100 cups of coffee. So, the more cups, which you will need to make, the more you will have to pay, right?

  • What Kind Of Features Do You Need?

Well, I want to advise that you should look into some features like auto shut off or easy maintenance coffee makers. With a commercial coffee maker, you cannot rely on your employees in order to show down it. There are a lot of new coffee makers that give other features like spill guards or more. Make sure that you will care about its features before choosing.

  • The Ease Of Use

Well, you should be sure about selecting an easy-to-use commercial coffee maker. However, if you are tending to rely on your employers to work on this unit and fix up the coffee, you will wish that you get something, which is going to be very easy to use. Be sure that you get something, which is rather easy to put together and spit out the same coffee all the time.
Ok, and now I will list 3 best Commercial Coffee Makers that are widely using by coffees, stores and shops today. I also read many reviews about these products and most of them highly appreciate them.

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Top 3 Best Commercial Coffee Makers

1. BUNN 33200.0015 VPR-2GD 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer with Upper and Lower Warmers and Two Glass Decanters

BUNN 33200.0015 VPR-2GD 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

This BUNN comes with 2 warmers, lower and upper and 2 glass Decanters in Black. It is an integral part of all coffee service programs. Moreover this machine is portable and can be used anywhere. You need just pour water in the top and then coffee brews instantly, up to 3.8 gallons per hour into the covered standard 12-cup decanters directly. This machine is attractive and black finish letting got easy and quick clean up. Moreover, it comes with the Splashguard funnel, protecting you from burns.


  • It makes great and delicious coffee effectively, quickly and tasty.
  • The machine is very easy to clean.
  • It keeps your coffee nice and hot.
  • It is a great choice for any organization, going through lots of coffee


  • It is very difficult to find out a con of this machine. In general, this is an awesome maker for office or any organization to use.

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2. BUNN 13300.0003 VP17-3SS3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer with Three Lower Warmers

BUNN 13300.0003 VP17-3SS3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

This BUUN 13300.0003 is perfect for cafes, diners, stores and family restaurants. It also used anywhere because it is totally portable. It comes with the reasonable price and brews coffee deliciously. Moreover, it works fast and you and your co-workers will have hot coffee cups. This machine is built to meet North American Electrical Standards.


  • It comes with many amazing features that you may not find in other machines.
  • The coffee maker brews coffee quickly.
  • It is suitable for family, stores or restaurants to use.
  • There is a warranty policy when you buy it.


  • This machine does not include decanters.

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3. BUNN VPR Commercial 12-Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer, with 2 Warmers

BUNN VPR Commercial 12-Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

This BUUN VPR will brew 3-4/5 gallons of coffer each hour. It does not require plumbing-just pour cold water in the top. There are 2 separated controlled warmers let for brewing a batch whereas having a second ready for making both decaf and regular available to many guests. Moreover, its SplashGard funnel will feature a shield that is near to the handle in order to deflect hot liquids away from your hand. You know this coffee maker made from a stable stainless-steel; base, durable stainless steel, an easy-to-clean design and simple controls.

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  • This coffee maker is very easy to use and brews coffee deliciously.
  • It keeps you coffee hot and ready to go all the time.
  • It comes with the reamer to help clean out calcium deposits from the hard water in stainless steel lines.
  • It is one of great commercial coffee makers


  • This machine does not include decanters, so you have to buy it.

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Where To Buy?

Commercial coffee makers are now available in the market, at stores or super markets but choosing the best one is not simple. For those that are tending to buy the one for your organization, office or company, today they can order it online, especially via Amazon to buy the true products with the cheapest price and free shipping. Well, with a few clicks, they can make their order and then wait for shipping without going out. If you have made decision, let’s start now!

Final Verdict

Thanks so much for read my informative guide for buying commercial coffee makers. I believe that if you follow my guide rightly, you will choose the best commercial coffee maker. Even there are so many makers out there, however 3 ones above are very awesome, durable and worth using. I strongly recommend one of them to all of you. Let’s take action if you make your decision!

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