top 4 reasons to drink coffee

By | September 19, 2014

Top 4 Reasons To Drink Coffee

top 4 reasons to drink coffee

top 4 reasons to drink coffee

Over the last few years there have been a number of studies and articles published on certain food and drink and the harmful effects they might have on us. Coffee has definitely not dodged the bullet on these findings. And there is often some very real and substantiated cautionary findings with these studies.

However, for many of the foods and drinks cited, and for that matter a lot of other activities not even related to digestible consumption, a general and healthy rule of thumb is moderation. Coffee drink in moderation can be a wonderful and exciting pleasure. So as a tribute to this beverage here are the top 4 reasons to drink it.

1. It tastes good! Like anything we eat or drink the better it tastes the more likely we’ll love it. Coffee has a very distinct taste that might not be loved at first but has a way of entering the taste buds heart and becomes something that is exquisite and comforting at the same time.

2. There are so many types and varieties! Going into any specialty coffee shop or store you might become overwhelmed with the amount of choices they have to offer. Kenyan, Columbian, Indonesian, Guatemalan – the list of countries goes on and on. Add to that the number of different flavors other than the traditional ‘black’ and your head will spin. But wonderfully so!

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3. It gets you going! Everyone knows that caffeine, and therefore coffee, jump starts your mind and body. This might not be the most healthy or best way to do it but it does it nonetheless. And for those of us who need a little extra pick-me-up once in a while there’s no better way than to drink a delicious cup of coffee. Here’s to mornings!

4. You can have it almost anywhere! Because of its popularity all around the world and the coffee shops that seemed to have sprung up on every corner coffee can be had most any place. Even in your own home can you enjoy the finest coffee has to offer with makers such as the Miele CVA 4066 or the Delonghi EN660R.

Whatever your reason, pour yourself a cup and enjoy!

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