travel coffee maker

By | October 12, 2013

travel coffee maker electric

Auto Heated Travel Coffee Tea Mug Cup Red – 12V & USB
Price: $19.98

travel coffee maker electric

travel coffee maker electric


If you are used to a particular quality of coffee, you will benefit greatly from having a travel coffee maker. Not only do these come in a convenient travel-size, they give you a cup of freshly brewed coffee just the way you like it, no matter where you are.

Make sure you take a little bit of your own coffee grounds in case you end up in an unfamiliar street in your travels, and don’t have access to buying coffee grounds. This will mean having to resort to tolerating whatever your hotel has brewing for you.

Not only will a travel coffee machines save you time and money, having a cup of fresh brew just the way you want it will make you feel more comfortable in strange surroundings. krups espresso maker

When purchasing a coffee maker for traveling, make sure you look before you buy. That is, scout around for all the types and kinds of models there are available before making a final selection.

If you are going on a road trip, you will be glad to know that there are types of travel coffee makers that plug into your car’s twelve volts, letting you brew a cup of coffee on the road wherever you may be.

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With more and more affordable traveling opportunities becoming available, a coffee maker specifically made for travelers is a wise buy, saving you a lot of hassle and time spent for searching for a drinkable cup of coffee in unfamiliar surroundings. Travel coffee machines let you have coffee right when you most need it.

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travel coffee maker

travel coffee maker



Among the various types of travel coffee machines you will come across, try and find a travel coffee maker which is easy to assemble. The whole point of a bringing a coffee maker along for traveling is for you to experience less, not more, hassle.

Frequent flyers to Europe will need to get a traveling coffee maker with a dual voltage system. You will need to be able to plug into both American and European outlets.

For cross country road trips, make sure the traveling coffee maker provides a mug which fits into standard size car cup holders, as this will make a huge difference in your travel convenience.

Try and find the disposable filters you need way ahead of time, unless you are a firm believer in permanent filters. Personally, for my travels, I don’t like clogging up the hotel sink with bits and pieces of coffee grounds and opt for the paper filters which is disposable into garbage bins.

Find a travel coffee maker with a short brewing time. The low wattage these coffee makers have sometimes causes the coffee to brew very slowly, which is the last thing you need when you need to catch a plane in half an hour.

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The travel coffee maker that comes with the retractable cord is my personal favorite. This makes such a difference in packing and not needing to worry that my coffee maker cord has gotten tangled with my cell phone charger.

However, if you have a coffee maker for traveling and it doesn’t have a retractable cord which recoils smoothly into the base of the machine, just find one of those see-through organizer bags and arrange the machine neatly into one of those for neat and efficient packing.

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