user friendly espresso machine – Saeco Syntia

By | May 28, 2017

user friendly espresso machine – Saeco Syntia

Saeco Syntia is one of the coolest looking Saeco machines in my opinion. It has a three color display with nice icons which are very easy to understand, and overall it is very user friendly.

user friendly espresso machine
It’s the perfect fit for a modern kitchen. It’s offered in three colors; white, black and stain steel covered. They vary in price, but it’s nothing too noticeable. It also has a feature which cleans the machine from inside before brewing each and every coffee drink, so you can get the best of your ground beans and your coffee will never have the taste of what’s been in the machine yesterday.

This is big in my opinion because many machines don’t have this feature, and the only way to really clean it is to open it and fill it with water under pressure. Many times you could end up with broken machine.

It also looks phenomenal. It has a really nice steel exterior, unlike most coffee machines with silver plastic. Another advantage is that it’s small; you can fit it almost anywhere you like. Because of that, you get smaller water tank (1 liter), so you should bear that in mind. However, the fill-up is very easy and it’s done from the front of the machine so it shouldn’t be a big problem.

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Actually, everything in this machine is accessible from the front panel. This gives a lot of freedom in choosing the place where the machine will be kept. The warm-up time is uncomparable with most coffee machines. The Syntia warms up for brewing in less than a minute, and for steaming it needs less than half a minute. There really aren’t many machines offering faster warm-up times.

Saeco Syntia’s Ceramic Grinders
You can adjust the settings of the ceramic grinders; there are five different settings. This machine is really a toy. You could make many different types of drinks from the same coffee beans and the same water. This is possible because you can adjust the grinders and tell them how fine your beans should be ground. You could also change the length of your coffee easily.

And when you find your exact combination, you can save your settings and the machine will make your kind of coffee with just a push of a button.

You can also make cappuccinos very easily with the Panarello feature, which makes the milk very fluffy. There are some other interesting extras with this machine. For example, the coffee bean hopper is covered with an anti-UV coating.

user friendly espresso machine
With this model, you don’t get the cup holder on top of the machine. This feature is really nice because it’s better to fill your already heated cup with cappuccino. The aroma is stronger and this is why I would suggest another Saeco machine if you are a real cappuccino fan like me. Also, with this model you can’t use oily beans. This is because they can clog the grinder and damage it.

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saeco syntia cappuccino machine video

The model looks nice, but if you prefer more functions for your money I would suggest you look at the Saeco Incanto machine; it has more features and it’s almost the same price. It’s not as small as the Syntia, but you have much more choices with it. If you prefer the style or have minimum space for your coffee machine, Syntia is a great choice.

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