Vacuum Coffee Maker Tips

By | April 30, 2014

Turn Your Vacuum Coffee Maker Results 198 degrees

When I first starting using a vacuum coffee maker I found I was making one fatal mistake and not even realizing it. It wasn’t the coffee it self; I had fresh beans, ground with a quality bur grinder. I was also using clean water I had filtered with my Brita Water Pitcher, so it wasn’t the water.

Actually it sorta was the water, but specifically the temperature of the water I was brewing the coffee with. You see the issue with a brewing coffee in a vacuum coffee maker is if not done correctly your water will be too cold for optimum extraction of flavor from the ground beans. Earlier I talked about he importance of using clean filtered water for brewing in your siphon coffee maker; but that’s not enough. If you want to achieve the best results possible its important to get your water temperature right, from the very moment it makes contact with the beans.

How does this happen you ask? By sealing the top container with the coffee to the bottom container with the water before it has had a chance to heat to 198 degrees. If you make the seal before this, water will be pushed up at lower temperature points, around 175 degrees or so (coincidentally this is the temperature your typical drip coffee maker brews at). Brewing your coffee with cooler water results in bitterness. The whole reason we like using vacuum coffee makers is to avoid bitterness and brew at the optimal 198-degree temperature also know as “just prior to boiling”. Doing it at colder temperatures defeats the purpose and the coffee may as well be brewed with a drip coffee maker because that’s what it will taste like.

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How do I determine the temperature of my water? Well you could use a thermometer, and I would actually suggest you do until you get a handle on how the water acts at the correct temperature. With my setup I already know by watching the water when the correct temperature is, remember it is just before the water starts boiling. When the water reaches 198 degrees I seal the top to the bottom and the water will quickly rise to the top as the brewing begins. Temperature is important. Keep your temperature in mind and your vacuum coffee is just going to be that much better.

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