waring cms120 coffee maker 12 cup

By | September 1, 2016

What’s Different About the Waring CMS120 Professional 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker?

One thing I found out very quickly when I was looking for a new coffeemaker is that the ones with the flashiest design and huge list of features don’t always make the best coffee. It’s great to have something that looks really good on your kitchen counter, but ultimately if it doesn’t make great tasting coffee consistently, every time, it’s an expensive ornament!

I have to say that from the customer reviews, it’s seems pretty obvious that the Waring CMS120 Professional 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is very much more than an ornament. It’s one of the few that proves you can have the great design and the impressive list of features and also get a great pot of coffee time after time.

waring cms120 coffee maker 12 cup
Waring CMS120 Coffeemaker
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The CMS120 has a brushed stainless steel body with a black trim. The handle of the glass carafe is also black so it doesn’t get too hold to hold and the carafe has a drip-free spout. It’s an elegant-looking machine that will match more styles of decor.

The coffeemaker is designed to fit neatly under standard-height kitchen cabinets and at just 10.5 inches deep, won’t take up too much space on your countertop. The blue light that comes on when the machine is running or programmed is a cool feature that reminds you your coffee is on its way.

Programmable Features

There’s not much worse than waking in the morning and discovering that you’ve set the coffee maker to come on at the wrong time! The CMS120 Professional is extremely easy to program. You can set the start time up to 24 hours in advance so you wake to piping hot coffee and an innovative feature is the “brew-pause” function that lets you interrupt the brewing process if you need to grab a cup and run before it’s finished.

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The hot plate shuts off automatically after 2 hours, so there’s no danger you’ll forget it. However not everyone liked this feature (see below).

Ease of Use

Unlike many filter baskets that make it difficult to get to the water reservoir, this Waring model has a swing-out basket that doesn’t get in the way. Filling the reservoir is made even easier with the wide, clear-view water level window and the clock with its blue back-light is easy to read.

Although the CMS120 makes up to 12 cups of hot coffee, it’s easy to set it for a smaller number of cups.

It uses cone shape No. 4 filters, which many people think are more efficient than the more usual basket style, and they’re easy to find.
What do customers say?

Not everyone likes the 2 hour auto shut-off, which can’t be changed. It does mean however that your coffee won’t get bitter and stewed.

The coffeemaker beeps 5 times when brewing is finished. Some customers were concerned that it might wake other people in the house, but others said that the beeps are no louder than you get on most microwaves.

One customer discovered that the Waring brand replacement carafe is out of stock but the Mr Coffee carafe #132451 fits almost perfectly and is cheaper!

Everyone agreed that this machine makes good, really hot coffee even on the 1 – 4 cup setting. On most machines, smaller batches are likely to be cooler because they brew for less time, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue with this one. I think it’s because the Waring heats the water before it passes through the grounds and so it doesn’t rely on the hot plate to actually heat the coffee from cold.

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You can read more reviews from real customers on Amazon.


The filter basket is easy to get to and doesn’t block the water reservoir, which is large and easy to fill.

The coffee is really hot and the pause function is useful if you’re making a full pot for the rest of the household but want to grab a quick cup for yourself.

Although the filters aren’t the usual type, they’re easy to find and Amazon sell a permanent stainless steel filter from Medelco that fits perfectly and is less than $2.


You can’t change the automatic shut-off time and the machine isn’t self-cleaning.

Some people thought the beeps at the end of the brewing process were too loud.

waring cms120 coffee maker 12 cup
Note that the 10-cup model – CMS100 – which isn’t nearly as popular as this 12-cup model, has a history of leaking from the base of the reservoir and is NOT recommended.

Who This is For

Someone who wants an easy-to-use machine with straightforward programming features that makes piping hot coffee will enjoy this machine. It’s also great if you or your household drink a full pot of coffee in 2 hours.

Who It Isn’t For

If you like lots of bells and whistles and different programs on your coffeemaker, this one probably isn’t for you. Neither will you like it if it takes you the whole morning to finish a pot of coffee because this one will switch off after 2 hours, whether you’ve finished your coffee or not!

Price and Availability

Amazon consistently has the Waring CMS120 coffeemaker at an excellent price, and with free shipping you can’t really go wrong.
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    I’m looking for an instruction for the Waring CMS 120 coffee maker.
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